Norse Thrills in Thunderstruck Online Slots

Thunderstruck II highlight
Source: Microgaming

Step back with us into a time where the ancient gods ruled over the earth. A time where terrible creatures of darkness were kept in check by the bravery of man and the divine prowess of beings so unimaginably powerful that the very mention of their name struck awe and inspiration into the hearts of their followers.

We, as you might have guessed, are talking about the great characters in the legends and tales of Norse mythology. And what is fantastic for us as players is that Microgaming brought out a game riddled with bits and pieces of this epic time, and we have been able to enjoy it for well over a decade. Welcome to high adventure with Thunderstruck online slot! The main character in this epic tale is the Norse god known as Thor. Thor was a god of the Vikings who associated him with lightning, thunder, storms, strength, fertility, hallowing and the general protection of mankind. It is thought that the god first made his appearance in the Proto-Indo-European religion of the Germanic people. This goes as far back as when the Romans occupied Germania all the way into the Viking age. The Viking age is said to be when the religion as a whole, and Thor in particular, was as its most popular time.

Thor’s Hammer

Thor was probably most famous for his mighty hammer, which, along with Thor himself, can be seen as a slot symbol in Thunderstruck. Believe it or not, this hammer was so important that it was actually given a name. It’s called Mjölnir. And if you think that is hard to pronounce then you are not alone! Now try and saying Mjǫllnir, the Old Norse version of the word. Don’t worry; we weren’t able to say it any better than you are! This hammer was so powerful that it was said that it could flatten an entire mountain in one swing. According to legend, it was created by Sindri and Brokkr, two dwarven brothers who accidently made the handle a bit shorter than was originally intended. But regardless of the small mishap that left the weapon a bit misshapen, Thor’s hammer was every bit as powerful as one of their other projects known as Odin’s spear.


While it was first released over ten years ago, Thunderstruck is still a favourite of many slot players today. This game features five reels and nine paylines with a jackpot total that reaches ten thousand coins. The second jackpot for this game sits at two thousand coins. The key to winning and winning big with this slot really comes down to the symbols. These symbols all centre on the different elements of the legend of Thor. Symbols include a bright yellow streak of lightning cracking across a stormy sky, Thor’s hand clutching his hammer, Mjölnir, an electrified castle, and a drinking horn. Along with these are the more traditional symbols of the nine through ace of a deck of cards. They sit on a stone background and glow as if they’re made of steel and have been sitting in a furnace. The final symbol is a pair of rams. These rams serve as the scatter symbol. The wild Thor symbol can substitute any other symbol on the reel to make a winning combination. Moreover, all of your wins will be doubled if you score big with the Thor wild. In addition, free spins are triggered when three of the ram scatter symbols appear on the reel and a three times multiplier is also added. 

Thunderstruck II

With such popularity of the first title, JackpotCity Casino is excited to host the sequel to the legendary 5-reel slot: Thunderstruck II! This slot game follows on from many of the greatest features of its predecessor, with themes reflecting intriguing Norse mythology. Visit characters Loki, Odin, and Thor, and even a mighty Valkyrie as you spin through the reels of powerful lightning. Each of these characters have their own bonus features, alongside Thunderstruck II's main feature to lead you to multi-level offerings of free spins: The Great Hall of Spins!

As one of the classics of JackpotCity's plethora of amusing slot games, Thunderstruck II has 243 paylines - which means more ways to hit the magnificent bonus features, Wilds, and Multipliers to boost your gameplay experience. Explore another epic adventure into the mysterious Viking Era, loaded with fantastical bonus highlights, at JackpotCity Casino.

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