Oddest Casino Promotions Ever

Let’s be honest, marketing is not an easy thing to get right. After all, with people being bombarded by dozens of adverts a day, how do you go about trying to make yours stand out? By making it colourful? By making it interesting, or perhaps getting a celebrity to endorse it? You can try all of these things, and your promotion still might be a failure. It’s simply not an easy thing to get right.

This is why sometimes promoters and marketers go a little off the rails, and land up with a promotional campaign that is, well, just a little bit odd. Sometimes the oddness can work in the favour of the promoter, and turn the product into a viral sensation. Other times people just land up raising an eyebrow and going, huh? Let’s take a look at some of the oddest casino promotions in history.

The World’s Greatest Dice Roll

The name of the online casino involved in this strange promotional instead is already odd; Gnuf, but the promotional ploy they came up with is perhaps a little odder. In what the marketers must have thought was an amazing idea, the website hired a helicopter to drop a pair of dice down the side of a snowy mountain. The dice tumble down, as one might expect, and that’s really about it.

The idea itself is quant, but certainly not anything to write home about. What made the situation odd, and ultimately hurt it, was that Gnuf spent a great deal of time hyping their video, telling the world it would be the greatest thing in history. When the video was published on YouTube, the response was a resounding, “oh...” Perhaps if Gnuf hadn’t pushed it so much, it might have been accepted with a bit more enthusiasm.

Win A Trip To Outer Space

InterCasino is not the first company that has claimed to offer a trip to outer space as a prize, and also not the first company that has failed to deliver on that claim. Space travel is not cheap; in fact it happens to be obscenely expensive. That’s probably why most didn’t pay attention to the online casino offering the space trip as a prize. The closing date for the promotional deal came and went, and a winner was never announced. It seems InterCasino realised also too late how expensive space travel was.

Win A BMW Every Day

Another online casino claimed they would be giving away a BMW every day, and many flocked to get a shot at winning a new car. It turned out, however, that the website was giving away toy models of BMWs, and not actual cars. The casino may have thought it was clever, but many were not impressed, and did not see the joke. The stunt landed up doing more harm than good, as far as the reputation of the casino goes.

Christmas Bizarre

Golden Palace went all out for Christmas in the 2000s, taking the theme of the twelve days of Christmas, and offering players 200% bonuses for a period of twelve days. This included every casino game the website offered, without exception. It was a great deal, and certainly one that made customers come running. But, given the nature of casino games, and those who would abuse bonus systems online, every chance they got, it is estimated that the online casino lost a small fortune. The website was likely committed to running the promotion for the full twelve days, and kicking themselves each and every day, as their losses kept growing. It was certainly a merry Christmas for customers, but likely not so much for the casino itself.

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