The Ruby Casino Queen Extends An Invitation!

Source: Microgaming

Opening by royal proclamation, the Ruby Casino Queen online slots are a high-class setting where the rich and famous meet, mingle and put their luck to the test. Getting on the guest list for this exclusive hot spot is no mean feat, but luckily you’re in for the VIP treatment. Set in a resplendent casino that immediately puts one in mind of the glitz and glamour of Monaco, you’ll rub shoulders with the elite and have a chance to take home incredible jackpots! Take a seat, pull the lever and see where fortune takes you, all without ever leaving the comfort of your home – what more could you ask for?

Just for the Win studios have designed a number of easy and intuitive features that make playing easier than ever, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or an eager novice. Rack up free spins, watch your multiplier soar and even earn the chance to spin key reels again, as the prize pot skyrockets and your skill level follows suit. The casino was designed for a Queen after all, so it’s no surprise that every guest receives the royal treatment. Doors open on the 12th of June 2019; make sure you’re ready to attend the coronation!

The Rules of the Casino

The Ruby Casino Queen has arranged five-reel slot games with three rows and twenty paylines, which pay out from left to right. This means that winning is a simple matter of arranging three identical symbols in a row, starting from the left of the reel. Various symbols will appear as you play, from the typical symbols found in a deck of cards – hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs – to golden 7 symbols and pictures of the Ruby Queen herself. Of course, Her Majesty yields the greatest pay-out, but the seamless multiplier system also helps to send the jackpot sky high, so make sure to plan your strategy carefully!

A Gift Fit for a Queen

Like any ruler, the Ruby Casino Queen understands the importance of supporting and encouraging her subjects. As a result, she will occasionally gift players with free spins, provided they can supply her with something in return: three consecutive Free Spin symbols. Hand these over and you’ll be treated to nine free spins, which means nine risk-free opportunities to add to your prize pot.

The Queen’s kindness doesn’t stop there though. Sometimes you might come up a little short, with three reels revealing two Free Spin symbols. When this happens, the Queen will let you spin the odd reel out one more time, in hopes of uncovering the final symbol that you need. If your luck holds out, you’ll still be able to avail yourself of the nine free spins, thanks to an encouraging push from Her Majesty!

Once your free spins are activated, the multiplier will immediately be set to 2x by default. This means that you’ll double your pay-out if you land three matching symbols in a row. The multiplier can be increased up to 6x through wilds (more on that in a bit!), which can have a big impact on the size of the kitty. Have a clear strategy in mind and hold your nerve and you can take things even further. If everything falls in your favour, your winnings could end up as 2,400x your initial bet, a sum of money that even the Queen herself wouldn’t scoff at!

The Ruby Casino Queen Isn’t Afraid to Get Wild

Ruby Casino Queen contains not one, not two but three distinct wild symbols, which each have a different influence on your game. The Regular Wild is the easiest to manage. It appears in the game’s basic mode and replaces any symbol on the screen, except for a Free Spin icon. With any luck, it might just complete your reel and win you some cool cash!

The Sticky Wild and the Multiplier Sticky Wild are a part of the game’s Free Spin mode. When you rack up your three Free Spin symbols, thus unlocking nine free spins, the third reel automatically becomes a Multiplier Sticky Wild, which remains in place until the end of the round. This is what boosts the multiplier from 1x to 2x and further Multiplier Sticky Wilds will do the same thing, until the maximum of 6x is achieved.

In addition, further Sticky Wilds will fall into place, replacing any symbol on the screen and remaining in place until the round comes to an end. This increases your chances of completing a reel, which, thanks to the boosted multiplier, increases your chance of walking away from your Free Spins with major winnings. Who ever said it was dangerous to take a walk on the wild side?

A Royal Invitation

The Ruby Casino Queen cordially invites you to attend the opening of her brand-new online slots game. Log in or create an account and discover the casino that is literally made for a queen!

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