The Secret of Low Variance Online Slots

Low variance online slot machines may not be the biggest winning machines, but they certainly do have their plus points, particularly for novice players. Indeed, for beginner players it is highly recommended that they start on low variance slot machines. Primarily because it will give them the chance to practice their game and become familiar with how slot machines work before they move on to more risky machines where not knowing what’s going on could cost them a sizeable chunk of their bankroll!

That said, even though these machines are better for beginners, it is often difficult to identify low variance slot machines. Here are a few key tips to help you find them and get your online slots adventure off to a great start.

Top Line Payout

One way of identifying a low variance slot machine is by looking at the top line payout, which can be found in the paytable. This is the highest payout the machine can award. New players should look at top line payouts below 2500 coins.

Number of Defined Pay Lines

A pay line is the number of lines a player can bet on. Many new slot machines have dozens of automatically enabled pay lines, in contrast to the slot machines with fewer pay lines or only one minimum pay line.

New players should play on the machines that offer the most automatically enabled pay lines. These offer minimum risk, as winning combinations are more likely to occur frequently.

There is an inverse relationship between the top payout and the number of defined pay lines. The more defined pay lines, the lower the top payout. This is because winning combinations will be hit more often, so a lower payout will suffice and we can win just as much as on a machine with frequent winning combination hits and higher payouts.

The Bonus Game

Most of the best online slot machines offer bonus features, which could offer huge bonus payouts, large multipliers, and free spins with additional features. While bonus features are attractive, new players should choose the slot machine with fewer bonus features. These are likely to be triggered more often than the very profitable bonus features. This also gives players a chance to work out how bonus features work individually, rather than try and figure them all out at once.

Choosing a Game** **

By keeping an eye out on the top line payout, the number of defined pay lines, and the rewards offered in the bonus games, we can accurately identify low variance slot machines. These machines offer small, regular rewards and are a great starting point for newbies, or if you live by the credo of bigger isn’t always better!

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