What Is A Pit Boss?

You may have heard the term pit boss get used around the casinos, and wondered what exactly a pit boss is. The term sounds rather intimidating, and might make you think of the manager of some sort of underground fight club. What exactly is a pit boss, and should you be at all concerned about a pit boss at your favourite online casino?

A pit boss is a very important person when it comes to real world casinos, and is equally as important in the more modern live online casinos. In fact, one might consider a pit boss their best friend when it comes to disputes arising in a casino. As far as traditional online casinos are concerned, a pit boss is not necessary, given that software is incapable of making mistakes. But, when it comes to a situation where a human person may have made a mistake, the pit boss will be judge and jury.

Let’s take a closer look at what a pit boss is, and how he or she plays an important role in the world of casinos.

Why Were Pit Bosses Employed?

Back in the day when casino games became a thing, they were not as carefully regulated as they are today. In the old days a few cowboys could sit around a table and play poker, without any real set of hard rules. If there were any disputes, or someone was accused of cheating, the situation could very quickly devolve into guns being pulled and people getting shot. It wasn’t great for business, and many were afraid to even sit at a poker table for risk of being gunned down.

As the years rolled on, casino games began to be a controlled and regulated more strictly. Casino establishments began to employ security, which would ensure that guns were not pulled if a disagreement arose. This helped avoid the players getting out of control, and avoided any unnecessary blood shed. If cheaters were caught, they were fined, thrown out of the establishment, and banned from ever returning.

But, there was still the serious problem of how to resolve any disputes that arose at a casino. Who was to decide which player was right, which was wrong, or whether perhaps a croupier had made a mistake? This was where the pit boss came in.

The Ultimate Authority

Any casino in the world now has a pit boss assigned. If any dispute arises at any time, the pit boss is required to step in and resolve the situation. Players will explain to the pit boss what has happened, or what they think is wrong, and the pit boss will make a decision on how the situation should be resolved.

Once the pit boss has made a decision, it is final, and no one may call into question the decision that has been made. Of course, the pit boss will always be as fair as possible, take all aspects into consideration, and will certainly know exactly how all casino games work down to their smallest detail. In most cases the pit boss will be the most experienced casino game expert in the entire casino. Note that the pit boss will certainly not take it easy on casino employees who make a mistake, or might be caught cheating.

Pit Bosses In Online Casinos

In the case of online casinos, pit bosses are rarely, if ever, needed. This is because automated software is incapable of making a mistake, and it is also impossible for players to cheat at software-based casinos. Since software cannot deviate from a specific set of rules, there never will be any disputes based on the hard rules of the game.

There are, however, instances where issues may arise due to Internet connection instability. In this case a player may contact the customer support centre, and have the problem resolved by a pit boss. The pit boss will review what has occurred during the online game, and make a decision that is most fair to the player.

Note that every single round of software based game that occurs online, be it an online slot game or round of online blackjack, involving real money, has a unique serial number. This number is generally found in the upper right of the screen, and can be referred to when raising a concern with a customer support centre.

Online Live Casinos

Online live casinos are based around a real life croupier conducting casino games. Players interact with the croupier via chat, and place bets on casino games that are taking place in real time. In the case of live online casino games a pit boss is always standing by, given that it is possible for a croupier to make a mistake, no matter how unlikely. Where human error is a possibility, a pit boss will always be on hand to resolve a dispute.

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