What Kind of Gambler are You?

If you have ever hung around at a casino long enough, you will notice that there seem to be a number of types of gambler that you see over and over again. You start to recognise behaviour and without realising it, you put players into categories in your head.

You think to yourself don’t mess with that guy, he’s here for serious reasons, or you can tell that someone is just there for a bit of fun. We have identified 5 different types of gambler that we are familiar with. Which one do you think you are?

The Social Gambler

Do you only ever go to the casino for a good time, and only take the same amount of money you would for any other night out? Do you find yourself chatting to the other players more than most? Or do you even stop for a drink and a bite to eat before you hit the gambling floor? If this is you, then you are a social gambler.

The way you see it, the game is there to be played for fun, and you love to go with friends. You’re unlikely to play slots as they aren’t interactive enough, and will likely head for card games or table games where you can chat to your neighbours while you play. You aren’t serious about winning, but because you have budgeted for it, you really aren’t that serious about losing either. Even if you go home with empty pockets you will be glad you had a good time and be satisfied it was a great night out.

The Concentrator

Do you find that when you gamble you are very focused on the game and the people around you fade away? When you win you are satisfied because you feel you have earned it or deserve it. You might be the Concentrator. At the blackjack or poker table you will be the one concentrating on the cards and watching the game play. You know the game well and you feel have a good grasp of the odds and possible outcomes. You may even be irritated or exasperated by the newbies or inebriated people playing at the table and making big mistakes. For you this is serious business. While you would never get yourself in debt by gambling, you no longer find the game as fun as it used to be, and you take it very seriously.

The Professional

Have you reached a point where you no longer need to work as you can live off your earnings from gambling? Do you visit the casino because it’s your job? Do you find when you go to the casino your first move is to check all the tables to see who is playing? You are a professional gambler and a rare breed. Many gamblers wish they could find a way to make it a profitable profession but you know that it takes dedication and skill. You are unlikely to drink at the casino and you keep your wits sharp. You probably only play poker and you keep an eye on the tables to keep track of other professionals or to see if you can spot a newbie to exploit. This is your job and you take it seriously.

The Beginner

Did you wander into the casino and have no idea where to go next? Do you find some of the players watching you like fresh meat, and eyes out where you go? Are you nervous to try your hand at craps because it all looks so complicated? You are definitely a newbie and should keep an eye on your bets! Experienced players by try take advantage of you at poker so best to stick to some games of chance until you have a better grip on things. Play the simple games and practice all the games online for free first, you’ll catch up quickly!

The Problem Gambler

Have you ever stayed much longer than you expected to because you hoped you could win the money back? Have you lost the thrill of winning, or the sadness of losing, and it’s all become the same thing? Have you lost serious money that made you stress about your home finances? You probably are a problem gamer and you should stop playing immediately.

Your family is probably worried about you and you have likely gotten into some very difficult situations because of running out of money. You don’t enjoy the game anymore and go to the casino because you feel like you have to, not because you want to go have fun. It’s all you think about and that simply isn’t healthy. If this is you, get help as soon as possible. There are plenty of options and available assistance and you can get the support you need with ease.

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