Alchemy Gaming Launches Biggest Jackpot Game

Wheel of Wishes

Source: Microgaming

Alchemy Studio, in collaboration with Microgaming, has scheduled the release of its blockbuster progressive slot game, Wheel of Wishes, on 7 January 2020. The game’s guaranteed starting seed is reportedly £2 million, which is double that of Mega Moolah’s one million pound seed. This will make Wheel of Wishes one of the biggest jackpots in the world and in the history of online slots Canada. The size of the prize money means this game could potentially change lives!

Game Concept 

Wheel of Wishes’ theme is inspired by the Arabian fantasy motif. It uses the mythological genie from Mesopotamian folklore (Aladdin and the magic lamp, anyone?) and the creature’s supposed magical powers as a plot device for the massive, life-changing kind of prizes on offer.

The game uses the Arabian Desert as its backdrop, but when players win a bonus, the scene will switch to the cave of the genie to symbolise the possibility of acquiring an abundance of wealth.

The Arabian theme is heightened further by the clever use of an immersive Middle Eastern-inspired soundtrack. However, the interactive elements within the game use more familiar modern themes. This combination gives the game a wonderful balance between an ancient sense of awe and contemporary casino gaming experience. The developers were probably trying to recreate the epic sense of wonder felt by audiences who watched Brendan Fraser’s 1999 blockbuster film, The Mummy.

wheel of wishes slots

Source: Microgaming

New Features

Wheel of Wishes is a five-reel progressive online slot game which introduces a slew of exciting new features and trigger mechanisms, including the following:

• A Power Spins feature is triggered by two scatters on any reel.

• Progressive bonus is triggered when players land on a giant wheel symbol during the Power Spins mode.

• Symbols on the first and fifth reels will periodically shift to identical symbols. If the three middle reels match the former two reels, players can earn large winnings.

• Players can activate the Power Mode by placing a side bet during a game. This will allow players to roll the Power Spins, which significantly improve the chances of them landing progressive bonuses.

Game Play

The Wheel of Wishes consists of four progressive jackpots, and the winning amounts from each stage are as follows:

• Mini – Starts at 10

• Minor – Starts at 100

• Major – Starts at 50,000

• WowPot! – The minimum jackpot amount is two million pounds (the starting seed), which will grow gradually larger over time

A fraction amount from every bet made in the game will be directed to the WowPot! fund. This is how the WowPot! prize money will become higher with each passing day. For perspective, other progressive jackpots from online slot games have gone up to as high as low eight digit figures (in the region of €15 to €20 million).

The minimum bet per spin is 0.10, while the maximum bet is 25. The RTP (return to player) rate has yet to be announced thus far. Interestingly, Wheels of Wishes will also incorporate a Free Game version. This is a notable departure from other progressive jackpot games.

Another notable difference is the survivability rate. The slot game has been programmed to a longer playing time. The developers believe that higher survivability will translate to more interest in playing the game.

Wheel of Wishes can be played on participating online casinos using either a desktop browser or a mobile browser.

Game Mechanics 

The developers have made very interesting mathematical changes to the game algorithm. They have improved the odds of achieving progressive bonuses to one in 30 spins, a relatively high rate. Presumably, this will keep the player’s attention continuously on the jackpots. The near misses will increase the excitement level of the players, as well as the emotional impact of being so close to winning.

The developers believe that this strategy of small, incremental wins will lead to higher and more consistent participation levels from players. The strategy also ties in nicely with the game’s good survivability rate and long play time.

The game will become an instant hit upon its release owing to the huge prize money. The only question now is: will you be playing, too?


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