Switch No Commission Baccarat Game Guide

No commission on Banker bets

Win 1:1 payouts or 1:2 if Banker totals six.

Mobile optimized

Experience baccarat in landscape or portrait mode.

Minimalist design

Crisp, clear layout with strong colours.

Advanced Scorecard

Track trends in recent winning hands.

Pairs side bets

Bet that Player or Banker will have a pair.

Switch No Commission Baccarat with JackpotCity

Some like to peel them, some like to flip them, and others prefer to peek or rotate. Whichever way you like to squeeze the cards, you can, in Switch No Commission Baccarat. What’s more, in this superior version of Asia’s favourite casino card game, you don’t have to pay any commission on winning Banker bets. Add a Scorecard with detailed Baccarat Roads for strategic decisions, and you have one of the most stylish casino games online right now – here at JackpotCity!

Switch No Commission Baccarat rules

What is No Commission Baccarat? Quite simply, it’s an advanced version of the popular card-based gambling game that allows you to play baccarat for no commission. Here’s how it works: on launching the game, you see a virtual baccarat table done in a strong purple colour.  On the dealer side of the table, there are two positions marked “Player” and “Banker”. On your side of the table, there are five betting positions. From left to right, you’ll see Player Pair, Player, Tie, Banker, and Banker Pair.

The game play is the same as regular baccarat. First, you place your chips in one or more of the table betting areas. A hand of two blue-and-gold cards is then dealt face down from an eight-deck shoe to the Player and Banker positions. Whichever hand has a value closest to nine will be the winning hand.

In online baccarat, card ranks two to nine have face value. Tens, jacks, queens, and kings score 10, and aces are worth one. What if a hand totals more than nine? Simply remove the first digit. For example, a hand consisting of five and six will total 11. When the first digit falls away, you have a score of one.

Once the initial cards have been dealt, their values are revealed – Player first, then Banker. To increase the suspense, you can squeeze the cards of the hand that you bet on.

If the revealed Player hand is five or less, a third card is dealt to that position, and the hand stands. If the Banker hand totals five or less, it too receives a third card. Neither hand may receive a third card if either of them totals eight or nine.

When it comes to payouts, Player and Banker both pay out 1:1, except for Banker hands that total six, in which case the payout is 1:2. The reason is that Banker hands win more frequently on average in the long run, so this payout scheme balances the No Commission Baccarat house edge. Tie bets and Pairs bets are unchanged at 8:1 and 11:1, respectively.

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Switch No Commission Baccarat Advanced Bets

Switch things up even more with these play-enhancing betting features:

Player Pair/Banker Pair: Place a bet on the side if you think the Player hand or Banker hand will form a pair.

Scorecard: Use this feature to access a Roadmap that displays the trends of recent winning hands. This gives you the opportunity to analyze the game history from different perspectives, which can help you identify trends and potentially incorporate them into your betting strategy.

Card Squeeze: Play in Squeeze Mode to peek at the cards. Peel a card back slowly from any edge or corner to reveal the result. You can also rotate the cards on the table.

Turbo Mode: Play faster games of Switch No Commission Baccarat.

How to Play Switch No Commission Baccarat

JackpotCity Casino has made it easy for Canadian players to play baccarat for no commission. Simply register an account, choose a payment method and search for Switch No Commission Baccarat in the games lobby. Launch the game and choose your chips. Bets start at $5 per hand, with a maximum of $500.  Place your chips on your preferred betting areas and press the “Deal” button. Demo mode is available for those who would prefer to try the game out before betting any real money. This is a responsible gaming decision if you have never played baccarat before.

Play Baccarat for No Commission on Mobile

As with all the games at JackpotCity Casino, Switch No Commission Baccarat was designed with mobile in mind. As a result, you can play baccarat in landscape or portrait mode on any mobile phone or tablet. Play in your mobile browser or launch the game directly on your device with our casino app.

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A Safe Online Casino in Canada for Baccarat

Play baccarat for no commission in total peace of mind at JackpotCity Casino, secure in the knowledge that you’re on safe, secure platform. All of our games have the eCOGRA Gaming Commission’s Seal of Approval, meaning that they are safe and fair.

Our quick, easy, and secure payment methods come from a range of trusted providers, and our SSL digital encryption technology protects your information at all times. As a supporter of responsible gaming, JackpotCity Casino provides a broad range of responsible gaming tools such as time-outs, deposit limits, loss limits, and self-exclusion. Our help desk is available via email or chat should you require any further information or assistance.

Switch No Commission Baccarat Game Guide

Experience baccarat in landscape or portrait mode!

One of our highly acclaimed, fan favorite games! We give it a shiny 4,5 out of 5.

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