Switch Multifire Auto Roulette™ Game Guide

Payouts of up to 500x

MultiFire multipliers awarded in every round.

Cinematic quality gaming experience

First-rate graphics and game play.

Flexible betting limits

Risk as much as $1,000 on Even-Money bets.

Additional Racetrack betting board

Place French bets and lots more.

AutoPlay available

Enable re-bets for 10, 25, 50 or 100 rounds.

Roulette fans looking to take their casino game play up a notch will meet their match in Switch MultiFire Auto Roulette™, with Racetrack bets and detailed statistics.

Switch Multifire Auto Roulette™ with JackpotCity in Canada

Add random multipliers of up to 500x to every spin, and you have all the makings of an online roulette masterpiece! Life-like graphics, seamless game play, and advanced betting options all come together in Microgaming’s Switch MultiFire Auto Roulette™ to create an online casino experience that beautifully emulates playing in a land-based casino. Try your hand at this game at JackpotCity, consistently rated one of the best mobile casinos in Canada.

How Auto Roulette Works

So, what is auto roulette? Games like Switch MultiFire Auto Roulette follow the basic rules of European Roulette. The basic premise is that a small ivory ball is spun around a wheel, and your aim is to predict in which one of the 37 red or black segments it will land. Bets can cover colours, odd or even numbers, sections of the roulette wheel, select numbers, or even a single number.

Where Switch MultiFire Auto Roulette really turns up the heat is with the 1-5 random numbers that are awarded multipliers in every round. Winning Straight Up bets on these MultiFire multipliers can pay anywhere from 50x to 500x! Bet strategically, though; the chance of winning a straight-up bet is low, so hedge with more advanced bets that spread the risk. At all times, avoid placing bets that contradict each other, like covering two different Dozens bets at the same time.

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Betting on Switch MultiFire Auto Roulette™

In addition to the standard Inside and Outside bets, this auto roulette casino game offers a selection of alternative wagers to consider depending on your preferred Switch MultiFire Auto Roulette™ strategy.

Inside Bets

  • Straight Up: Bet on a single number, which pays 35:1.
  • Split: Bet on two numbers alongside each other; it pays 17:1.
  • Street: Bet on three single numbers at once; it pays 11:1.
  • Square: Bet on four single numbers at once; it pays 8:1.
  • Line: Bet on two lines of three numbers alongside each other; it pays 5:1.

Outside Bets

  • Column: Bet on one of three columns covering 12 numbers; it pays 2:1.
  • Dozen: Bet on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd dozen numbers; it pays 2:1.
  • Even-Money: Bet on Red or Black, Odd or Even, and High (1-18) or Low (19-36)—pays 1:1.

Random 3 Bets

This feature randomly places three Straight Up bets on single numbers, similar to how a Quick Pick works in lottery games.

Racetrack and Special Bets

In addition to its standard bet board, MultiFire Auto Roulette™ features a Racetrack layout that enables Neighbours and French bets to be placed.

  • Neighbours: Place a straight up bet on a number and its neighbours.
  • Les Voisins Du Zero: This is a 9-chip wager on the 17 numbers – the “Neighbours of Zero” – that appear between 22 and 25 on the auto roulette wheel, including 22 and 25.
  • Tiers Du Cylindre: Covers six split bets on 5-8, 10-11, 13-16, 23-24, 27-30, and 33-36.
  • Les Orphelins: Five-chip wager on a combination of Straight Up and Split bets covering a total of eight numbers.

On top of the French bets, MultiFire Auto Roulette™ players can also access popular preset bet configurations:

  • Black/Red Splits: 4-chip wager on all Split bets where both numbers are either black or red.
  • Snake: Dozens bet covering these red numbers: 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32, and 34.
  • 007: This bet allocates 14 chips to the numbers from 19 to 36, 5 chips to a Six Line bet and 1 chip to zero.
  • Random 7: This bet randomly places seven Straight Up bets on single numbers.
  • Zero Game: This bet covers the four numbers to the left of zero and the two numbers to the right of zero.
  • Neighbors: This is a Straight Up wager on a single number plus the two numbers on either side, covering a total of five numbers. Neighbor bets cost the same as regular bets.

How to Play Auto Roulette Online

Get your online roulette adventure started by creating an account at JackpotCity Casino and depositing some funds. Then, head on over to our casino lobby and have a look through all the blackjack games in the Blackjack tab or use the search bar to find Switch MultiFire Auto Roulette™ online waiting for you. Just click on it to launch the game!

To bet, select your chips at the bottom of the screen and decide where you want to put them. When you're ready, hit the spin button and wait for the auto roulette wheel to start turning! Bets start at $1, with a maximum of $1,000.

Auto Roulette for Mobile

Thanks to our platform’s mobile and desktop compatibility, you can enjoy Switch MultiFire Auto Roulette™ on the go or from the comfort of your home. Our user-friendly interface ensures top-notch mobile gaming on your smartphone or tablet, keeping Canada’s best auto roulette casino games well within your reach. Further elevate your online gaming with JackpotCity Casino's mobile app, ready to download on whichever Android or iOS device you’re using right now.

Looking for more mobile roulette in Canada? If you like to switch often between playing strategies, Sapphire Roulette offers more betting options than you can shake a stick at. Extreme MultiFire Roulette seriously ups the stakes with random multipliers of up to 2,500x on winning Straight Up bets.

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A Safe Auto Roulette Casino

Before setting off on your online roulette journey with Jackpot City, we want to assure you that your safety and security are our top priority. We are licensed and all of our games and systems are regulated and audited for fairness by eCOGRA, and we use only the most advanced encryption technology available to protect your personal information.

Moreover, JackpotCity Casino strongly advocates for responsible gambling among its players, enabling them to put their own safeguards in place such as deposit limits and self-exclusion.

Switch Multifire Auto Roulette™ Game Guide

MultiFire multipliers awarded in every round!

One of our top-rated games! We give it a 4,5 out of 5.

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