Turbo Auto Roulette Game Guide

Turbo-charged game play

Game rounds are over very quickly.


Play in portrait or landscape mode with full-screen video.

European wheel

Place Inside, Outside, Racetrack and Special bets.

High betting limit

Bet up to $1,000 a spin.

Futuristic theme

Spin the wheel aboard a spaceship.

Step up for fast-paced, uninterrupted game play in Turbo Auto Roulette! Featuring movie industry-quality video and true-to-life visuals, Turbo Auto Roulette is set against a stylized sci-fi backdrop with neon lighting to accentuate the pace of play.

Turbo Auto Roulette with JackpotCity Casino

Add classic European roulette game play, complete with a Racetrack and nine pre-set Special bets, and you have one of the most compelling roulette casino games online right now.

How Auto Roulette Works

What is Auto Roulette? Quite simply, it’s roulette designed for roulette players who enjoy short, streamlined game rounds. The setting of Turbo Auto Roulette – a futuristic space ship – fits in nicely with the theme of speed. The game itself plays out on a virtual European auto roulette wheel with red and black slots numbered 1 to 36 and a single green zero slot. The wheel spins, a little ball spins in the opposite direction, and the ball comes to rest in one of the slots. The idea is to bet on the number of the final slot. There are numerous ways of doing this, from covering single numbers to number groups, patterns, and even colours. Spins are much quicker than in regular roulette, so you can get more rounds in.

Different types of auto roulette strategies include betting systems such as the Martingale, which has you double your stake on losing even-money bets. There’s also the Parlay, which doubles down on winning even-money bets. Complicated Racetrack, and Special bets combine various patterns to spread the risk. Avoid contradictory bets that cancel themselves out, such as betting on Red and Black at the same time.

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Advanced Turbo Roulette Bets

The Turbo Auto Roulette table offers players the full range of classic European Inside bets, Outside bets, and Racetrack bets, as well as pre-set Special bets.

Inside Bets

Located on the inside of the betting grid, Inside bets include:

  • Straight Up Bet: Choose just one number and stand to hit a 35:1 payout. Maximum bet: $125.
  • Split Bet: Put your money on two adjacent numbers for a payout of 17:1. Maximum bet: $250.
  • Street Bet: Place your bet on three numbers for 11:1 odds. Maximum bet: $375.
  • Square Bet: Choosing four numbers for odds of 8:1. Maximum bet: $500.
  • Line Bet: Combine two street bets for 5:1 odds. Maximum bet: $625.

Outside Bets

Located on the outside of the betting grid, Outside bets comprise:

  • Column Bet: Cover one of the three columns of 12 numbers for 2:1 odds. Maximum bet: $875.
  • Dozen Bet: Bet on 12 numbers in a row at 2:1 odds. Maximum bet: $875.
  • Even Money Bet: Bet that the winning number will be Odd, Even, High, Low, Red, or Black for a 1:1 payout. Maximum bet: $1,000.

Racetrack Bets

The Racetrack layout shows the numbers in the order they appear on the Auto Roulette wheel, making it easier to place Neighbour and French bets:

  • Neighbour Bets: Bet straight up on individual numbers and the numbers adjacent to them.
  • French bets: These number groups cover different wheel sections:
  • Les Voisins Du Zero places street, corner, and split bets on the numbers around zero (22-18-29-7-28-12-35-3-26-0-32-15-19-4-21-2-25).
  • Tiers Du Cylindre places split bets on the “thirds of the wheel” ( 5-8, 10-11, 13-16, 23-24, 27-30, and 33-36).
  • Les Orphelins is a combination of split and straight up bets on 17, 34, 6 and 1, 20, 14, 31, and 9.

Special Bets

Instantly access a selection of popular pre-set bets when you click on the Special Bets. These include the aforementioned French bets as well as the following:

  • Black or Red Splits: Place split bets covering pairs of black or red numbers.
  • Snake: Cover 12 red numbers in a snake-like pattern.
  • 007: Cover the high numbers with 14 chips, take a five-chip line bet, and place one chip on zero.
  • Random 7: Have seven chips placed on random bets.

How to Play the Auto Roulette Casino Game

To get started with Turbo Auto Roulette casino games, simply log in or register at JackpotCity Casino, click on the Roulette tab, and scroll through our large selection of roulette games, or type Turbo Auto Roulette in the search bar and launch the game. Search for Turbo Auto Roulette and launch the game. Select your chips, place them on your chosen bets, and press “Spin”. Bets start at $0.25. Select demo mode to try the game out without spending money. Use the AutoPlay feature to select up to 100 turbo spins without any interruptions.

Play Auto Roulette on Mobile

The great news for mobile players is that Turbo Auto Roulette, like all of JackpotCity’s many casino games, is adaptive to all platforms. As a result, you can enjoy the game on any device, anywhere you happen to be, at any time. Spin the wheel in your mobile browser or fire it up on your home screen in our mobile app.

Keen to experiment with other types of auto roulette online? Try classic Auto Roulette for slick, fluid game play and a broad range of European betting options.

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Security and Safety

At JackpotCity Casino, we are committed to providing a safe and secure gaming environment. As such, we are licensed and enjoy full eCOGRA endorsement. SSL encryption technology protects your personal and financial information at all times, while our convenient payment methods come from trusted providers such as Visa and Mastercard, INSTADEBIT, iDebit, eCheck, Neosurf, and paysafecard.

JackpotCity supports responsible gaming practices and provides tools such as deposit limits and time-outs for players looking to maintain a balance. Our help desk is available via email or chat.

Turbo Auto Roulette Game Guide

Game rounds are over very quickly!

One of our highly acclaimed, fan favorite games! We give it a shiny 4,5 out of 5.

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