Speed Blackjack: Game Guide

Generous Side Bets

Payouts as high as 100:1

Live Dealer

Engage in real-time interactions.


Pre-set for streamlined gameplay

Min and Max Bet

From CA$5.00 to CA$5,000.00.

Fast Game Rounds

30% faster than standard games.

LC Speed Blackjack Ruby

Fuelled by the innovation of Pragmatic Play, LC Speed Blackjack Ruby caters to players seeking an exhilarating 21 experience in a live dealer casino without compromising on time.

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With game rounds that zip by 30% faster than conventional ones, LC Speed Blackjack Ruby introduces auto-decisions, simultaneous decisions, and a host of other features – delivering a high-quality gaming experience that seamlessly blends the essence of the iconic card game with the demands of today’s audiences.

Canadian players can now revel in live Blackjack action like never before at Jackpot City Casino, unlocking opportunities for substantial payouts. Enjoy the accelerated thrill of LC Speed Blackjack Ruby and find out more about the game below.

Game Rules

LC Speed Blackjack Ruby adheres to the straightforward rules that make live casino Blackjack one of the easiest card games to grasp. Familiarise yourself with the fundamental guidelines before immersing yourself in the action at Jackpot City’s live dealer Blackjack casino:

  • The game employs 8 decks, each containing 52 standard playing cards.
  • Your aim is to outscore the dealer with a hand valued at 21 points or as close as possible without going over (busting).
  • Prior to card distribution, you must place an initial bet.
  • Optional Blackjack side bets, such as 21+3 and Perfect Pairs, are available.
  • You’ll be dealt 2 cards face-up, while the dealer gets 1 card face-up and 1 card face-down.
  • You can opt for insurance against the dealer’s Blackjack if their face-up card is an Ace.
  • Dealer can check for a Blackjack by peeking at the face-down card if the face-up card is an Ace.
  • Dealer stands on 17.
  • You can decide on the following moves:
  • Stand (maintain the initial hand)
  • Hit (take another card)
  • Split (divide 2 initial cards of the same value)
  • Double Down (double your initial bet and take another card)
  • Once you’ve made your move, the dealer reveals the face-down card, compares scores, and declares the winner.
  • Blackjack pays 3:2, Insurance pays 2:1; Best Hand pays 1:1.

Despite the accelerated pace of LC Speed Blackjack Ruby, this brilliant live dealer game abides by standard rules. This enables players to apply various live Blackjack strategies, including those aligned with strategy charts. When selecting a strategy or chart, you should ensure compatibility with games utilising 8 decks in the shoe.

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Betting Tips And Live Dealer Functionality

LC Speed Blackjack Ruby offers Canadian players a range of exclusive features, each one providing you an opportunity to employ advanced betting strategies. Explore the premium live Blackjack game's distinctive elements:

  • Auto-Decisions: You can configure Auto-Decisions both before and during the game. Options include Auto-Hit, Auto-Stand, and Auto-Insurance.
  • Customisable Blackjack Exceptions: You can set exceptions for decision offers like Split or Double Down according to your preferences.
  • Honest Decisions during Inactivity: If you become inactive and miss a decision offer, Auto-Hit is applied to scores of 11 or less, and Auto-Stand is applied to scores of 12 or higher.
  • Side Bets for Live Casino Players: Engage in Perfect Pairs (PP) and 21+3 side bets. PP side bets win with a pair of your initial 2 cards (same numerical or face value). 21+3 side bets win with specific Poker hands formed by your initial 2 cards and the dealer's face-up card.
  • Lucrative Payouts: Side bets offer payouts of up to 100:1.

Despite the live casino dealer presenting LC Speed Blackjack Ruby in English, you and other Canadian players have the flexibility to switch the game interface language, choosing from options such as French, Italian, and German. The game provides supplementary settings and features, including live chat, support, and sound/volume adjustment, all accessible through the toolbar buttons.

How To Play

Experience the simplicity of playing LC Speed Blackjack Ruby at Jackpot City Casino. Get familiar with the fundamental gameplay before diving into the thrill of potential winnings:

  • Create your account: If you don't have an account at our live casino, simply tap the "Sign Up" button to create one.
  • Access the game: Log into your account and locate LC Speed Blackjack Ruby in the games lobby.
  • Launch the game: Click/tap the live Blackjack game to initiate the gaming session.
  • Set your bet: Utilise the casino chip buttons to choose your preferred bet size.
  • Optional side bets: If you wish to place a side bet, tap the corresponding buttons.
  • Initiate the game: Press the "Deal Now" button to commence the game.
  • Card distribution: The dealer deals two cards face up to you and one card face up and one card face down to themselves.
  • Your move: Take your turn by clicking/tapping on options like Stand, Hit, Double Down or Split.
  • Dealer's turn: The dealer executes their moves, culminating in the revelation of their hand and the announcement of the winner.

For convenience, all of our games have an info section with some of the basic gameplay options available. Good luck!

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Mobile Compatibility

LC Speed Blackjack Ruby at Jackpot City Casino offers seamless mobile compatibility, providing an exceptional gaming experience on the go. The casino's commitment to high-quality mobile gaming is evident, and you can enjoy the thrilling action of LC Speed Blackjack Ruby as well as other games like Eclipse Blackjack and more, with ease. Whether you prefer playing through your mobile browser or downloading the convenient app, Jackpot City Casino delivers a smooth and immersive experience.

The mobile platform boasts responsive design and intuitive navigation, adapting effortlessly to various screen sizes – so you can participate in LC Speed Blackjack Ruby seamlessly on smartphones and tablets, without compromising on graphics or functionality. Jackpot City Casino's mobile compatibility reflects a dedication to modern gaming trends, allowing you to access your favourite blackjack variant conveniently from anywhere. So, if you’re a seasoned player or new to the mobile casino scene, LC Speed Blackjack Ruby at Jackpot City Casino promises an unparalleled and enjoyable mobile gaming experience.

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Safety And Security

Jackpot City Casino is a fully licensed and regulated operation. Moreover, the casino is eCOGRA-certified, so you’re not only protected but are also assured of fair outcomes in the casino games. The security of your personal and financial information is also of utmost importance – to uphold this commitment, the casino employs the latest 128-bit SSL data encryption technology, ensuring that all details are kept safe and secure. Here, you can confidently deposit funds into your Blackjack casino account using any of the excellent Jackpot City payment methods available.

At this live Blackjack digital gaming destination, Jackpot City prioritises responsible gaming – by offering a range of easily accessible tools for players in Canada, including limit-setting options, transaction history access, cooling-off periods, and self-assessment tests. For more information, feel free to reach out to the help desk.

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of live Blackjack games at Jackpot City Casino!

LC Speed Blackjack Ruby

Special features and live Blackjack thrills.

One of our most popular releases! We rate it a 4 out of 5 stars.

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