LC Roulette The Club: Game Guide

Max Potential Payout

Maximum payout of $8,750

Bet Options

Racetrack bets with Neighbour bets

High RTP

RTP ratio of up to 97.3%

Min and Max Bet

Minimum of $0.10 and maximum of $5,000.

Pragmatic Play LC Roulette The Club

Consider yourself a live roulette aficionado? Then brace yourself for an elevated live dealer experience playing LC Roulette The Club by Pragmatic Play – available at Jackpot City.

This bespoke club studio goes beyond expectations, ensuring every player is treated like a VIP – whether you're a strategic budget player or a daring high roller. And with a betting range spanning from only $0.10 to $5000, it caters to all size bankrolls, so everyone can play. Standard bets are of course a given, but also available are Racetrack with Neighbour bets. And it wouldn’t be a true live roulette experience without the presence and engagement of a personable live dealer, right? Best of all, all the action is seamlessly streamed to your desktop or mobile device, whichever you prefer to play on at our Canadian online casino.

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Roulette Rules And Features

Ready to discover where simplicity meets excitement in the world of live roulette online? Then you’re ready to embark on the captivating journey of LC Roulette The Club from Pragmatic Play. The objective of the game is pretty clear. You need to predict the landing spot of the small white ball on the casino game’s spinning roulette wheel.

LC Roulette The Club follows the standard European Roulette wheel rules, using a wheel that contains 36 numbers in red and black pockets, along with a single zero.  And as far as bets are concerned, it offers similar selections to what you’ll find on counterparts like Roulette Azure, for example, including Inside, Outside and Racetrack wagers. During Racetrack bets, you’ll have access to Voisins, Orphelins, 0 Game and Tiers options. Other special bets available to players at this roulette table include Finales a Cheval, Finale En Plein and Full Complete.

Let’s take a look at LC Roulette The Club’s paytable:

● Numbers bet on a max wager of $5000 max wager: 1x payout

● Even/Odd bet on a max wager of $5000 max wager: 1x payout  

● Red/Black bet on a max wager of $5000 max wager: 1x payout

● Dozens bet on a max wager of $3000: 2x payout

● Columns bet on a max wager of $3000: 2x payout

● Six Line bet on a max wager of $1500: 5x payout

● Corner bet on a max wager of $1000 max wager: 8x payout

● Street bet on a max wager of $750: 11x payout

● Split bet on a max wager of $500: 17x payout

● Straight Up bet on a max wager of $250: 35x payout

Take note: your strategy on how to play roulette and your bet sizes will of course determine the potential of your roulette payouts.

Betting Tips And Game Functions

Unlock the potential for strategic gameplay with this roulette game’s intuitive design. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned player, the game's straightforward foundation allows for a gradual progression from basic bets to more intricate strategies.

If you prefer a hands-off approach, you can engage the Autoplay function (where available), allowing the game to take charge while you can take in every element and action as it unfolds. A nifty feature is the game’s Hot & Cold stats, which offer insights that can influence your next move.

Furthermore, you are free to add another layer of excitement to your gameplay with renowned strategies like the Martingale, D'Alembert, and Fibonacci Roulette Strategies. Note, however, that these strategies are not foolproof, so approach with caution when embarking on this journey.

The live roulette game’s functionality further enhances your gameplay by making your experience as user-friendly as it can be. You’ll have the following, easily accessible on your screen: a paytable, chat window, game history, live support, volume control, how to play information, game settings, saved bets and even camera view options. When embarking on a roulette gaming session, simply ensure that you optimise your experience by utilising all these handy features.

And should you require any assistance from the casino, you could easily get hold of Jackpot City’s customer support team.

How To Play LC Roulette The Club

Ready to take your seat at the roulette table? Here’s how to play roulette at Jackpot City:

  1. Head over to Jackpot City Casino and seamlessly log into your gaming account.
  2. Navigate to the vibrant live casino section of the site and type the game name into the search field.
  3. Personalise your experience by adding a distinctive screen name and proceed to load the game.
  4. Then place your bets strategically when the next exhilarating round kicks off.
  5. Watch the dealer spin the roulette wheel in real time and wait for the outcomes to be settled.
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Also Available On Mobile

At Jackpot City, the allure of mobile gaming, particularly in the realm of live roulette, beckons players into a world of accessibility and convenience. The seamless transition from desktop to mobile is exemplified by the casino's commitment to delivering a top-notch gaming experience directly from the mobile browser. This approach ensures that players can engage with their favourite live roulette titles effortlessly, without compromising on quality or variety. What’s more, the user-friendly interface ensures smooth navigation, allowing players to easily explore different roulette tables, like the popular LC Boom City and find the one that suits their preferences.

Notably, Jackpot City goes the extra mile by offering a dedicated mobile app, catering to both Android and iOS users. The mobile app serves as a gateway to an even more refined gaming experience. With optimised performance and enhanced features, the app elevates the mobile gaming journey, providing players with a platform that seamlessly integrates accessibility, variety, and quality. Furthermore, the app's responsive design ensures that you can enjoy the captivating live roulette action without compromise, whether you are at home, commuting, or on a well-deserved break.

Playing live roulette on your tablet or smartphone at this Canadian online casino isn't just about the convenience of having your favourite casino games at your fingertips; it's about a holistic and immersive gaming experience. The combination of in-browser play and the mobile app at Jackpot City showcases a commitment to meeting players' preferences and providing a comprehensive mobile gaming adventure that truly stands out in the world of online casinos.

Safety And Security

At Jackpot City Casino, the following key measures are in place to ensure a secure and reliable online gaming environment for players who enjoy online roulette in Canada:

Licensing Assurance: Jackpot City operates under full licensing and regulation, adhering to stringent standards and as such promising fairness and reliability.

Diverse and Secure Payment Methods: Players have access to a range of secure and dependable payment methods, including popular choices like credit cards and web wallets, handpicked for the Canadian market.

Cutting-Edge Security Measures: Prioritising player safety and data integrity, Jackpot City employs state-of-the-art encryption technology. This robust security framework protects sensitive information, such as personal details and banking data, ensuring a worry-free gaming experience.

Responsible Gaming Advocacy: Jackpot City goes beyond entertainment, actively promoting responsible gaming practices. The casino empowers players to maintain control over their gambling activities by encouraging the setting of limits on deposits, losses, and playing time.

In short. If you wondered whether Jackpot City is a safe place to play roulette? The answer is a resounding, yes!

LC Roulette The Club Game Guide

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