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JackpotCity: Best Online Blackjack in Canada

JackpotCity online casino brings you an incredible range of over 40 different blackjack games, so have the strongest hand and beat the dealer to 21! Online blackjack is an incredibly popular card game with players who want to challenge themselves and enjoy a game that is based on more than just chance. Online blackjack remains one of the few online casino games that can be entirely influenced by the player’s actions and strategy tables and tips are available to guide you through playing the best hand in every game. JackpotCity offers Canadian players a page dedicated to the rules and strategies of online blackjack and players are advised to read through the information on offer in order to maximise their winning potential.

Choose your Winning Online Blackjack strategy

Online casino enthusiasts will know that online blackjack may be an easy game to learn, but it can take a lot of skill and strategic thinking to master. The free play online casino games available at JackpotCity are the perfect choice for players who want to learn all about online blackjack and master the art of this great card game before they embark on a real money gaming adventure. Online casino blackjack fans will also know that they are at an advantage when they enjoy this great game online as they are in a less pressurised environment than at a land based casino and can set their own pace rather than have one dictated by other players or the dealer. Online blackjack games demand strategic thinking, wit and skill and players can maximise their potential when playing online and thinking through every move they make whilst using the blackjack strategy chart all in their own time.

Incredible Online Casino blackjack options

Online blackjack is offered in more than 40 different gaming variations at JackpotCity Canada Online Casino and you can choose between popular versions like Spanish and European blackjack, Atlantic City or Downtown Vegas blackjack or:

  • High roller games
  • Multi-hand variations
  • Blackjack tournaments and more!

The origins of Blackjack

The exact origins of Blackjack are unknown, however there are many hotly debated theories on where and when it started. The most popular theory is that the game was derived from the French game Vingt-et-Un, which translated means twenty-one, in the mid 1700’s. Many people also believe the game could have been derived from the popular French games Chemin de Fer, and French Ferme.

A similar type of game as also being played in Spain called “One and Thirty”. In this game, players would try and reach 31 points with a minimum of three cards. Another theory states that the Romans were the original inventors of the game, using wooden blocks. Regardless of who invented it, Blackjack has stood the test of time and is incredibly popular at JackpotCity!

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The special Blackjack bets

The various different versions of the game eventually spread through to North America where the Vingt-et-Un game gained in popularity. The modern version of the game became popular in 1931 when gambling was made legal in Nevada USA.

In order to draw players into the casino and get them playing, some casinos started offering a special bet on the game. A hand that featured either of the two black jacks (the jack of spades and the jack of clubs) as well as the ace of clubs would pay out a much higher bet at 10:1. Even though this high paying bet was soon discontinued, the name stuck.

How to play Blackjack Online at JackpotCity Casino

At JackpotCity casino, players can choose to play Blackjack online for free or for real money at any time. If you are keen to try your hand at this exciting game, getting started is simple. If you have not already created a free JackpotCity casino account, the first step is to sign up. Creating an account is quick and easy and wont’ take more than a few minutes. Once you have created your account, you can start playing for free straight away. Playing for free is fun and is a great way to learn the basics of the game, as well as hone your skills before swapping over to playing for real money.

Playing real money Online Blackjack

If you do want to test your skills and stand a chance to win big in an card comparig game, the next step is to fund your casino account. At JackpotCity casino, players can choose from any number of secure and convenient banking options. Players can easily fund or top up their account by debit card, by credit card, debit card, wire transfer or by using any of the accepted ewallet payment systems. JackpotCity uses state of the art encryption technology to ensure that all online personal and financial transactions remain 100% secure at all times.  Once you have funds in your account, you’re ready to play your first online Blackjack hand for real money!

Online Blackjack bonuses and promotions

For players that sign up and make a deposit, this is where the rewards start. For first time depositors, JackpotCity offers players a generous welcome bonus, and for all our regular depositors and VIP members, we offer weekly and monthly promotions where you can win cash prizes, as well as free spins on the latest video slot games. By claiming big bonuses you can give your online Blackjack gameplay a boost and increase your chances of a big win!

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Instant play Online Blackjack

At JackpotCity casino registered members get unrestricted access to hundreds of online slots and casino games 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If players have any issues making a deposit or accessing a game, they can contact customer support at any time on email, by telephone or via live chat. When you want to start playing online Blackjack JackpotCity offers an instant play option for anyone who prefers gaming in browser.

Online Blackjack Rules

For those who are new to the game, online Blackjack is played in exactly the same way as you would play in a land-based casino, except the pace is faster.

In the online game, the game is set out a standard Blackjack table. On the table there is a section for the stack of card as well as an area for betting and where the cards are dealt. The game beings with the player placing his or her bet on the table. This can be done by clicking on the chips at the bottom of the screen and then placing them in the betting area. Once the player has placed their bet on the table, the dealer will deal the player two cards and then himself two cards with one card facing up. The aim of Blackjack is twofold; to get as close to 21 points without going over 21, and to beat the dealer.

Totalling your points

In Blackjack, the low number cards, 2 through to 10 are worth their face value. The Jack, Queen, King and Ace are all worth 10 points. The Ace is worth a single point or 11 points depending on what is needed in the hand. If the dealer’s up facing card is an Ace, the dealer can peek at his other card to see if he has Blackjack. If the dealer does indeed have Blackjack, the round ends and the dealer is automatically the winner. If the dealer was not dealt an up facing Ace card, the player carries on with the game. There are essentially three things that can happen; the player can choose to hit, to stand, or to double down.

To double down

If the player sees that he or she has a high scoring hand and does not want to risk going over 21 points, they can choose to stand and see if the dealer can beat their score. If the player was dealt two of the same card, they can split their hand into two hands and double the bet. If the player was dealt a low scoring hand, they can request and additional card by clicking on the hit button. If the additional card pushes the player’s point total over 21 points, this is called going bust and the player loses their bet.

Winning a Hand

The third option is to double down, this is where the player is dealt one additional card and the bet is automatically doubled. Once the player has finished requesting cards they can click on the stick button. At this point the dealer flips his down facing card to see if he can beat the player’s score. In most games the dealer must hit on scores below 17. If the dealer is able to beat the player’s score, the player loses their bet. The dealer also wins all ties.

Play Online Blackjack at JackpotCity

Online Blackjack is an enthralling game that relies on skill, strategy and wit. Its one of the few casino games where a player is able to influence the outcome by utilising strategy, making it all the more compelling.

Play online Blackjack at JackpotCity and master the art of a casino classic that’s stood the test of time to become one of the worlds most popular card games! 

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