Exhilarating Online Casino Scratch Cards

Many of us remember scratching away at the Scratch Cards that we used to buy at the local supermarket or gas station. The excitement of revealing the value of our winnings under the coloured layer of film by scratching away at the surface with a coin was second to no other.

The history of online Scratch Cards is a relatively short one. Despite the limited time that they have been around or available to players at online casinos, they are now loved by millions all over the world, and JackpotCity is thrilled to be able to present players in Canada with top notch instant win action 24/7! Jackpotcity also allows our customer to play mobile casino games, compatible with your mobile device! JackpotCity Online Casino that brings your convenience and top of the range mobile casino games at your fingertips.

Scratching the Surface of a Top Class Casino Game

The history of online Scratch Cards can be traced to 1974 when an American company known as the Scientific Games Corporation developed the world’s first computer-generated lottery game. The Massachusetts Lottery Commission commissioned the development of the first computer-generated lottery game, and the development task was handed down to John Khoza and Daniel Bower.

If the name John Khoza sounds familiar to your, its most likely because he was only the second person ever to have completed a B.A. degree in Computer Science!

The Birth Of Online Gaming

The popularity of online Scratch Cards really took off during the late 1990’s when the world of online gaming hit the Internet in a big way. Players were no longer heading out to land-based casinos but were finding a million thrills a minute online.

During this time, most online casino sites worth their salt started offering Scratch Cards and players were soon completely hooked on the idea of instant gratification as well as being able to indulge in a familiar concept, only now, online.

The Perfect In-Betweener

JackpotCity Canada is considered on of the best mobile casinos online! You’ll find online Scratch Cards to be a very relaxing pastime, and many players prefer to indulge in a game or two in between other online casino games. What this means is that players will indulge in a few quick scratches when taking a break from playing more intense online casino games like Baccarat, online Roulette, Video Poker, Keno or even Craps. They offer a great break from the rigours of Blackjack strategy too, plus they offer up big wins!

This having been said, when asked about what their favourite online casino games of all time are, many Canadian players will have Scratch Cards on their most-played lists.

On Becoming Digital

The transition from physical paper Scratch Cards to the digital versions that are to be found online today was a simple one. Playing is a simple and enjoyable activity and they are even sometimes used as a secondary reward for having performed well in any variety of other online casino games.

Scratch Cards are all about instant fun. The general idea is a basic one: simply decide on the size of your bet, place your bet and click on the concealed areas in order to reveal the hidden winning values. Depending on the numbers or symbols that were hidden and have now been revealed, you may very well walk away a winner!

The reward that will eventually pay out will depend on a number of factors including the size of the bet that was placed, the specific combination of numeric values and symbols and the online casino game’s specific paytable.

At JackpotCity you will find Scratch Cards containing a variety of themes, which keeps the game from being dull or boring. Many of the themes will include elements of other popular online casino games, such as Roulette, or they may be a bit on the humours side and poke fun at familiar topics.

Why you play, where you play and when you play is up to you. But when it comes to choosing which casino to play at, JackpotCity is undoubtedly the best online casino Canada has to offer.

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