Video Poker: All the Thrills at our Mobile Casino

Online pokies, Blackjack, Roulette and many other online casino games are now available on the JackpotCity mobile platform, with all the same quality, selection and service that New Zealand deserves and has come to expect from our casino over the years. One of the most popular categories in this format is video poker.

Video Poker is Ideal for Playing on the Go

These casino games are almost as fast as pokies and instant-win options such as Scratch Cards, making them perfect for the few minutes of gambling time that are usually snatched for play on mobile devices and with the live dealer. No matter how busy you get, you’ll always have time for winning and fun with JackpotCity’s mobile online casino and quick-play games like video poker work especially well.

Graphics, gameplay and payouts are as impressive as they are in the original format, and you can still choose to play in your browser or to download the app. Microgaming, the exclusive supplier to our casino online and mobile casino games, has made sure that the games are optimally compatible with all smartphones and tablets and are just as high-quality and adaptable as ever.

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Rules for Mobile Video Poker

Aside from the convenience of being able to play on the go and having access to a range of casino games like online craps, the mobile variations of these casino games are exactly the same as their online counterparts. The objective is always to build the highest-ranking Poker hand possible, with the 5 cards that are dealt and appear on your screen all at once.

You don’t have any control over what these cards are, but you do get to decide what you want to do next. You can discard and replace as many or as few cards as you wish to, all in a single turn. Your payout is then calculated according to what you bet and your final hand.

Practice for Table Poker

Video poker is very exciting, enjoyable and rewarding in its own right, and a lot of people play it for its own merits alone. You can also, however, use it if you want to start getting into the complicated and fascinating world of table Poker games.

Because the hand rankings work the same but the rules are a lot simpler, you can use the video variations to get really familiar with the hand rankings so that you can recall and work with them quickly. As you get into the challenging world of the table card games, this is very useful. And of course, playing on your tablet or smartphone allows you to develop these skills even faster.

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Everything You Love About JackpotCity’s Online Casino

Take Your Video Poker Thrills to the Next Level

For quality online gambling New Zealand players have always known they could turn to JackpotCity, and now we are proud to say they can do the same for mobile video poker. Bring these games into every part of your daily life, and see how much better they all become! Every waiting room and supermarket queue now has the potential to become a world-class casino.

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