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The best in Online Blackjack

JackpotCity online casino brings all the best blackjack games straight to you in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Enjoy online blackjack and discover the excitement of a card game that requires an element of skill and strategic thinking. Online blackjack is available in many variations and the games all differ in house edge and hands dealt; making it a fantastic game for players who prefer greater odds or love a challenge. Blackjack is one of the few online casino games that players can influence the outcome of, and strategic game play and the use of wit make it an enjoyable and challenging game.

Online Blackjack requires strategy, wit and skill

Players can influence the outcome of every online blackjack game they play, but this requires practice and the application of skill and wit. These games are easy to learn, but tough to master and JackpotCity online casino offers players the opportunity to game for free as well as real money. These free games give players the perfect chance to practise their skills and learn all the strategic moves they will require to become a confident blackjack player, as well as allowing them the opportunity to learn new styles and new variations they had yet to experience.

Big wins with Online Blackjack

Once you have mastered your preferred version of the game you can try your hand at online blackjack for real money. Winning hands in blackjack can be incredibly lucrative, and players who enjoy high roller online casino games will attest to how big they can win when they beat the dealer to 21. Because games played online are enjoyed at the players pace and not dictated by other factors, online blackjack is a far less pressurised game than if played in a land based casino. When gaming, online players have time to think through their next move and employ careful strategy when playing each card, increasing their winning potential dramatically!

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Enjoy Online Blackjack with JackpotCity!

Discover why online blackjack is one of the world’s most played card games and join players who enjoy a strategic and challenging form of entertainment when playing this exciting and sophisticated game. Visit JackpotCity online casino and enjoy more than 40 different blackjack games, all just waiting for you to land 21 and win big! Online blackjack is one of a select few online casino games where players can affect their chances of winning and change the outcome of the game with their choices. JackpotCity helps players master the art of this game and positively influence their gaming by offering a blackjack strategy table for players to follow, increasing winning potential and bringing greater success with every hand. If you're feeling extra confident, you can even take our Poker Face test. It's a fun series of videos that you watch, and then predict whether you think you’re being told the truth or a lie. The results are published instantly, and you can compare your results to other's to see how your instincts measure up. 

Advantages of Online Blackjack

There are several advantages players will experience when playing online blackjack, and the benefits of this type of online casino are clear. Online casino players can enjoy all their favourite blackjack games in the comfort and privacy of their own home, and can play any game they desire at any time as there is no waiting for a table, while all games are open 24/7. One of the biggest advantages considered by all online casino enthusiasts to be one of the best is that online roulette and blackjack games are far less pressurised than when played in a land based casino. The slower pace of the game gives players the opportunity to check their hand against the strategy tables and play at their own pace, ensuring bigger wins and a greater gaming experience!

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An Online Blackjack game for everyone

With so many incredible online blackjack games available at JackpotCity online casino it can be hard for players to choose their favourite. Learn about the differing house edges, rules and hands with JackpotCity and choose your favourite game, or play them all! Online blackjack brings you the best in strategic and skilful casino gaming, offering the ultimate challenge to players everywhere

Getting started at JackpotCity Casino

At JackpotCity, playing blackjack online is quick and easy. To get started, all you need to do is sign up for a free online casino account. If you already have a JackpotCity account, you can head straight to the games section. If you are new to our site, all you have to do is click on the signup button on the main web page. Signing up is free and it only takes a few minutes to create your very own account. Once you are an official member of the casino, you can start playing blackjack straight away.

Free Online Blackjack games

Playing blackjack for free is a great way to learn the basics of the game. If you have never played online before, you can get started playing for free any time you want. Once you have mastered the basics of the game, you can swap over to playing for real money at any time. If you would like to play Blackjack for real money, the next step is to fund your casino account. At JackpotCity, we offer players a wide range of secure banking options to suit your needs.

Playing Blackjack for real money

If you want to play blackjack for real money you’ll need to make a deposit using one of JackpotCity’s trusted and reliable banking options. Thereafter, you can logon to the JackpotCity website, sign in and play in your browser.

How the game works

Online Blackjack is played in exactly the same way as it is enjoyed in a brick and mortar casino. The only difference is that you are alone at the blackjack table. The aim of blackjack is to get as close to 21 points without going bust, all whilst beating the dealers hand. With online blackjack, the game begins with the player placing a bet, the dealer then deals the player two face down cards and receives two cards themselves, with one card faced up.

When the two cards have been dealt, the player can hit, stand, split or double down. Once you have made your decision, the dealer will either deal you another card, or play his own hand. When the dealer has finished playing his hand, a winner is determined - it’s as simple as that! 

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