Behind the Scenes with Casino Security

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Security is one of the most important aspects of any casino. Today more than ever, land-based casinos are required to be on top of their game to catch cheats and criminals who use modern technology to rip off the casino. This means that the casino security itself needs to be top of the range with state of the art technology in place.

The perception of casino security, due to various films and television shows is somewhat skewed and its not all about cameras at the roulette tables or watching guests getting up to naughty things in the lifts. Most people believe the casino security industry is filled with dark-suited men that will push boundaries to ensure the safety of the casino and its money.

While casinos do come up some ingenious ways to protect their investments, there is far more to the security business that you think. Let’s start off by talking numbers. In Las Vegas, the price of a comprehensive security system can cost anywhere between $150 000 and $2 Million. This might seem like a lot of cash to spend on one aspect of the casino, but for a major resort, it is seen as more of an investment that anything else. A comprehensive security system covers all areas of the casino including the gaming floor, the hotel rooms, reception areas, restaurant, entrances and even the car park.

External and Internal

Most people are completely unaware of how much is actually viewed and scrutinised inside the casino walls. According to a casino security surveillance expert, once a person arrives on the resort property, the security team could track their movements throughout their entire stay. This means that the security can view and record everything you do outside of your own hotel room or bathroom.

For most casinos though, the biggest threat comes from within. While the majority of casino staff are completely honest and trustworthy, the truth is that casinos are the most at risk from the people who know how the various systems work. It goes without saying then that along with tracking the movement of the players; it is also crucial for a casino to keep tabs on the casinos staff.

Modern Casino Security Tech

In terms of the technology involved, casino security systems are constantly in a state of flux. The latest development is the movement from analogue camera systems to IP-based surveillance. With faster Internet access and mobile technology coming into play, IP-based surveillance allows casino managers to access information from anywhere in the world. Another addition to the modern arsenal of casino security is the incorporation of analytics software. The software can be used for a number of applications from understanding traffic flow to improving response times.

A good example of the use of analytic software is using heat mapping to understand where people loiter the most. Digital counting tools can also track visitors at each entrance and help the casino allocate more staff to one area over another. For a security system to be successful, the full details of how it is implemented must remain a secret. The more information that is revealed to the public, the easier it is for cheats and criminals to circumvent the system. As such, the surveillance methods and security software is constantly changing and kept close to home.

The Future of Casino Security

While cheating will always exist, land-based casinos are constantly endeavouring to find a way to reduce their losses. The future of casino security will involve a lot more technological gadgets the likes of which will scare even the best criminals away.

Security features such as the tagging and chipping of casino chips; cards, hotel cards and other casino items will become common place. 360-degree video surveillance will play a major role as well as infrared cameras and facial recognition software. To add to this, casinos will be kitted out with data mining systems, computer alarming and licence plate recognition in a standard setup.

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