Best Slots Game Platforms


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As today’s players of casino games, we have a whole lot of options available to us. There are laptops, home computers, smartphones, tablets, and even smartwatches. All are powerful pieces of technology capable of a great deal, and that we even have such things is testimony to incredible strides in the digital world. But which of these options is the best for playing online casino games? And, in particular, which are best to enjoy online slots?

It goes without saying, before we get into it, that it largely comes down to a matter of personal preference, and convenience. If a person is stuck in line at the bank, it wont really matter that a personal computer has far more power than a smartphone, since a computer is not exactly within reach. There are, however, massive benefits to using one platform over the other.

Home Computer

Modern home computers are monstrously powerful pieces of technology. A home computer that has had a good deal of money spent on it is a colossus of digital technology, and can process just about anything a person can throw at it. Modern triple A video games, for example, consume enormous resources, and so need the most powerful computers that money can buy. And this is all good and well, but what about a humble online slot game? Surely then an expensive piece of computer technology is not required?

This is indeed true. Even a mid or low range home computer will play an online slot game with little trouble. Enormous amount of processing power are not required, but there are other benefits to using a home computer to play slot games. The first, and most obvious, is that home computers have much larger screens than smartphones and tablets and so provide a more comfortable experience. Plus, home computers also have far more stable Internet connections.


Smartphones are also comparatively powerful pieces of digital equipment. More modern smartphones especially are impressively powerful, and can handle just about any application thrown at them. They will likewise handle slot games without so much as breaking a sweat. But, lets never forget that smartphones are very limited in other ways.

Since smartphones become useless without battery power, one must constantly be careful to keep the device charged, or risk it going dead at the most inconvenient of times. Simply put; a smartphone is a great casino game platform, right up until it’s battery runs dry.

On the other hand, you wont be dragging your home computer around with you. A smartphone may have limited battery life, but it is also incredibly convenient and versatile. Assuming you have signal, you can pull out your smartphone and use it just about anywhere. Try making sure the signal is steady, however, as there is little as frustrating as having a game lock up because it is not receiving needed wireless information.


Many argue that a modern tablet is the best of both worlds. Having enormous power, and a screen almost as large as a home computer, a tablet is a remarkable device. It isn’t as easy to carry around as a smartphone, but certainly isn’t as bulky or heavy as a home computer. In fact, it is perhaps the perfect balance of both, and certainly a great platform on which to play modern slot games.

The only real downfall of a tablet is that it still relies on wireless signal, which can be a problem, depending on where you are. It is best to have a table connected to a stable Wi-Fi signal for best results, but there may well not be Wi-Fi available, if you’re using the device off the beaten track. At the end of the day, however, if options are limited, a tablet is a great choice.


Smartwatches are becoming increasingly popular. They serve as a fast access point to a phone, and fit conveniently onto a person’s wrist. They also, as it turns out, are rather powerful considering their mind boggling tiny size. But, how do they serve in terms of doing something like playing slot games? The answer is; surprisingly good, but also not especially great.

Smartwatches are limited, obviously, by their size. The screen they provide is all but a fraction of a phone, and not even comparable to a tablet. But huge steps have also been taken to make the most of that limited size. Some slot games will indeed work on a smartwatch, but appear in the most boiled down version of that game. Only a single betting line will be offered, and there certainly won’t be much in the way of special effects or graphical fidelity. A person really is better off simply using the phone that the watch is paired with. If really pressed for options, however, a smartwatch will do a great job of providing an alternative.

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