All About Evolution Gaming’s Croupiers

Live dealer table

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In the world of online gambling, live dealer casinos have certainly revolutionised the industry. Bridging the gap between electronic games and real live casinos, live dealer games offer players a full-on realistic casino experience with all the benefits of an online casino. Here at JackpotCity casino, we offer the full range of Evolution Gaming live dealer casino games. As a leading provider of live dealer games, Evolution Gaming has created a name for themselves as the biggest and best in the business.

Evolution Gaming have taken the concept of live dealer games and upgraded it to a new level. Offering up to seven games with multiple variations, Evolution has blown the competition out of the water in every aspect including video streaming, game design, betting options and chat facilities.

However, there is one area where Evolution Gaming outshines the competition in every way, the dealers themselves. As well as being attractive and extremely professional, the croupiers at Evolution Gaming are able to deal with more players and higher functioning software than any other dealer at an online casino.

Why Dealers are Important

If you walk into any international land based casino, the person standing behind the blackjack table or roulette table has been specifically trained on how to interact with players and run the game at the same time. It stands to reason that this should be the case for live dealer casinos. However, in most cases, it is not. The cost to run a live dealer casino can be quite high. Employing a professional croupier that is attractive, knowledgeable and able to multitask is not easy for the average company. This is where Evolution Gaming is different. They are a company which prides themselves on their ability to know what players want.

The Evolution Dealer Academy

It all starts at the studios in Latvia and Malta where the croupiers begin their journey with intensive training at the Evolution Academy. Here, each and every dealer will learn how to run the gaming software and interact with the players. Being a dealer at a live casino is a bit like being a game show host or television actor. Before being given a live game to run, all the dealers in training spend many hours in the practice studio in full make-up with live microphones, cameras, playback monitors and rig lighting. These facilities give the dealers the opportunity to become comfortable on camera and interact with players via the in-game chat facility.

After appearing on camera and interacting with players via the software, the Evolution dealers get their final training on the specific game they will run. While you may not know it, there are parts of the game that all work together to create the right atmosphere and vibe. Key to this is the dealer, how he or she reacts to the camera, how much they converse with the players and their body language throughout the game.

All of the dealers are chosen on their ability to speak clearly and fluently in the chosen language as well as be entertaining and professional regardless of what happens in the game itself.

How the Games Work?

Evolution Gaming goes above and beyond to ensure that players get the best possible casino experience. This is why they have become the biggest and the best in the industry. So what can you expect from the games themselves? Evolution Gaming currently offers seven different types of casino games including:

Multiplayer Card Games

For card games, the dealers use over sized cards to ensure that all the players at home can see exactly which cards are being dealt on the table. The dealers themselves will be positioned behind the table as usual with all the same betting options. The multiplayer tables offer up to seven seats at each table with players able to chat directly to the dealer and the other players around the table via the in-game chat window. The game software is linked to a computer monitor in the live casino so that the dealer can see exactly which bets have been placed on each hand.

With multiplayer games, the dealer controls the speed of the game and the time given for betting purposes. In most cases the game proceeds slightly slower than the standard electronic version, giving everyone time to get their bets in before the hand is dealt. The dealer will then call no more bets and deal the hand, showing each card as it comes out of the pack. If a player wins a hand, the software will automatically load and update the player’s winnings.

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