Live Casino Versus Standard Online Casino

With tens of thousands visiting online casinos on a daily basis, it makes sense that the industry would evolve over time. The latest iteration of online casinos is what is referred to as a live casino experience. A live casino functions in much the same way as a standard online casino, following all the same rules that one would expect. The only difference is that a live casino is run by a real life croupier, and the feed seen by the player is instantaneous.

Depending on the game, the player may communicate directly with the croupier, placing bets as needed, and otherwise enjoying the game.

But what is the purpose of a live dealer, and does it make any significant differences to the game in question? Let’s take a closer look and see what is making live casinos one of the fastest growing ways to play casino games online.

Live Casino Versus Standard Online Casino

The Human Element

Live casinos were created as a way to give players the human element, which is missing from automated online casino games. In a real world casino, a player is always communicating with a croupier, and many think that this is an important part of the game. There are, of course, also other players taking part in any given game, in a real world casino.

The player may communicate with the croupier in a live casino, once again giving the human factor. A chat section is also featured in many online live casinos, allowing the players to speak to one another. Hence, a live casino is the most social way to play online casino games, and so far has proved to be very popular in the areas where it is available.

The Same Games, Same Rules

Live casino games function exactly as they would in standard online casinos, and real world online casinos. There are no changes of any kind to the core rule system, and a person need not learn anything additional to take part in a live casino game.

The only real difference that should be noted by new players is the concern pace. In standard online casinos, the game is essentially playing out only for one preson at a time. This means that the player has direct control over the pace of the game, and the speed at which it plays out. For example, if a player is enjoying a game of standard online roulette, the wheel will not spin until the player indicates that they are ready.

In a live online version of roulette, however, the croupier will progress the game at a steady pace, regardless if each player has placed their bet, and is ready. This, of course, is due to the fact that a number of players are participating in the game, and the proceedings cannot halt and wait for a bet to be made. Hence, players must be sure to make their bets in the time given, when the croupier states that it is time to place bets.

Which Games Have Live Casino Versions?

At present, the focus of live casinos is on games that are based around a community betting system. A prime example of such games is roulette and baccarat, where multiple players are able to bet on each round, without the croupier having to manually accept each bet from each individual player. It is most convenient to focus on such games, given the nature of live casinos, and how they operate. Which live casino offers which games, however, may vary depending on the online casino question.

Live casino systems also exist for games like blackjack, where a croupier will deal cards for a number of players in each round.

Playing At a Live Casino

Although live casinos are open to everyone who would like to participate, there are certain requirements that must be met in order for the game to operate properly. These requirements concern the Internet speed of the user, which must be capable of streaming a live video feed, without any interruptions. Hence a fast, stable Internet connection must be used, else the user may have a less than enjoyable experience.

If the received feed pauses repeatedly to buffer, for example, then the user should set the video feed to a lower quality, which allow for a more stable experience. Most online casinos have high, medium, and low quality settings. The lower the quality setting, the more stable it will be. If the feed quality is set to low, and the feed is still not stable, then unfortunately a faster Internet speed will be required in order to visit the live casino.

Finding a Live Casino

The majority of online casinos now offer links to live casinos. A user need simply select the option to visit a live casino, indicate the desired game, and you're all set. If playing on a mobile device, be sure that the device has strong signal.

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