Are Online Casinos Killing Land Based?

The online casino world is booming, of this there is no question. New websites are opening on an almost daily basis, and tens of thousands of users are logging on, on a daily basis to play. If anything, it seems there is no end to how big, and how fast the online casino market can grow. This is good news for players, given the vast convenience offered by online casinos, and amazing deals.

The growth of the online casino industry has, however, prompted many to question if the online casino world is killing the brick and mortar casino world. It would seem logical, given that the two industries very seem to rely on the some business revenue. But is it a fact that one industry is killing another? Let’s take a closer look.

More Than Just Casino Games

What many don’t take into consideration, when discussing this conundrum, is that real world casinos are far more than simply casino games. There are indeed casino games present on the premises, but there is also a great deal more entertainment offered. Many casinos pride themselves on the live shows they offer, including stand up comedians, well known magicians, and celebrity musicians. In fact, the majority of people that go to casinos for reasons other than playing casino games.

An online casino, on the other hand, is limited very much to only drawing customers with casino games, and not much else. This doesn’t make online casinos less appealing, but does mean that real world casinos have much more in the way of entertainment options. So, in this regard online casinos are not taking anything from real world casino goers, and there is not much in the way of competition.

**Online Casinos May Help Real **

There is even evidence to suggest that online casinos are generating business for real world casinos, as opposed to taking it away. Many are experiencing casino games for the first time at online casinos, having never gone to a real world casino before. And, upon getting a taste for casino games at online casinos, these new customers then decide to visit real world casinos.

As a whole, online casinos are certainly raising interest in casino games as a whole, this much is certain, and globally casino games in general are seeing an enormous increase in popularity. Poker, for example, has only just recently become popular enough to be broadcast on television, and this is due entirely to the surge in poker popularity generated by online poker games. If not for the online world, poker would not nearly be as popular as it currently is.

A Lack of Evidence

There is also no evidence or sign at all that real world casinos are at risk of losing popularity. Popular casino destinations such as Las Vegas are not seeing a decline in business, and in fact Vegas is seeing the same amount of business, if not slightly more, than usual. It should again be kept in mind that Vegas is hardly just a casino game destination, offering much in the way of live shows, gourmet food, and a host of other entertainment options.

And so, there is little to suggest that Vegas is suffering any stolen business from online casinos. At other popular real world casinos the same can be said, with none showing any decrease in visitors or revenue generation. Real world casinos are only getting more popular, with new casino resorts opening, and none showing any sign of closing.

Online Casinos Are a New Industry

The assumption in many cases is that the rapid growth of the online casino world must be coming from real world casinos, but this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Any new industry that is popular sees a rapid expansion, but the business does not have to be coming from an already existing industry. Given that online casinos are based around technology, it is entirely expected that much of the business would be coming from those engaging in online entertainment regularly.

So, much of the business seen by online casinos is shared with the online video game world. Online casino games are not dissimilar to many video games, and so it makes sense that the two industries would overlap. Online video games are also seeing a rapid expansion in growth, with electronic sports quickly becoming a major industry.

Real World Casinos Are Safe

And so, in conclusion, there is nothing to suggest that real world casinos are suffering from the growth of online casinos. If anything, the two industries are only growing bigger alongside one another, fueling that growth, as opposed to one stealing business from the other.

Plus, players are perfectly capable of enjoying both forms of casino games, without having to commit to either. A real world casino goer may enjoy a bit of online fun when not at the casino, and vice versa.


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