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Named after the French word for ‘little wheel’, roulette has come a long way since its initial roots in the 18th century, and has long been one of the most popular forms of table game at land-based casinos around the world. While there are a number of variations of the game, the premise remains the same: a numbered wheel, consisting of black and red pockets, is spun by a dealer, who then drops a little white ball onto it. Players are required to place bets on where they think that ball will land, be it a specific number or numbers, odds or even numbers, black or red pockets, and the like.

Thanks to online casinos like JackpotCity, players no longer need to leave home to enjoy this beloved title, with numerous online roulette options available to play, whether against a computer or a Live Dealer. In this blog, we discuss some of the more popular online roulette strategies that some players like to employ when taking that wheel for a, wait for it, spin – sorry, we just couldn’t help it.

Popular Online Roulette Strategies

It should be noted, here and now, that while betting strategies, whether on games like roulette or blackjack, are certainly fun to put into practice, they in no way guarantee a win or increase one’s winning chances. Many of them involve some detailed mathematics, and can be pretty complex. But, that being said, if they add to the entertainment value of one’s gaming session, we’re all for it. After all, playing online roulette at a place like JackpotCity should be just that: entertaining. Let’s take a look.


One of the simpler roulette strategies is the Martingale, a form of progressive strategy, which basically informs a player to bet a unit of currency (or credit), and then double it after every loss. So, let’s say you’re playing at a table with a max betting limit of 2000 credits, and the minimum bet you can place is 1, your progression would look like this (assuming you lost 11 times in a row):


Now, while it’s unlikely you’d actually lose 11 consecutive times, it could eventually happen. And this strategy theoretically affords you a profit of 1 credit for every successful bet. It’s long-winded and requires patience, but it’s easy to understand.

Reverse Martingale

Also known as the Paroli, the Reverse/Inverse Martingale works the same as the strategy above, except it instructs a player to double their bet after every win, rather than every loss. It goes without saying that players do tend to get bolder when they’re on a winning streak, so some happen to do this naturally. Much like the regular Martingale, this online roulette strategy is better suited to outside bets.


This strategy is based on a mathematical sequence that, interestingly enough, is found in nature – a spiral! In short, every number will equal the sum of the previous two, as we will show you below.


Bear in mind, these numbers are the bet sizes, not the numbers being bet on. Also, this strategy is used exclusively for even-money wagers, such as odds and evens, blacks and reds – because each of these have a 50% winning chance.


This strategy is most famously used by those with big bank rolls and high rollers. In essence, it tells a player to take an amount that they would like to win, and break it down into numerous, smaller amounts, which will dictate their bet sizes. So, if you wanted to win, say, 10 credits, you could break this down into individual amounts like:


You then take the outermost numbers, add them together to make 3, and bet that. Should you lose, you add that number to the end of the list, so it will look like this:


However, if you win, then you simply cross those numbers off the list and keep going, with the list now looking like this:


You can choose to create that original sequence however you want, but be sure not to change it once you’ve started. This roulette strategy would more than likely require a pen and paper, but it does allow for some fun and flexibility.

James Bond

A popular flat strategy named after the world’s most famous man of mystery, who wouldn’t want to try the James Bond! The reason it has this name is because it was created by the same man who founded the popular spy franchise: Ian Flemming. Rather than use progressive systems of complex sequences of numbers, this strategy simply says that a player should make the same bet after every spin, as follows:

14 credits on the numbers 19-36

5 credits on numbers, 13-18 and

1 credit on zero



Often cited as a low-risk strategy, the very well known D’Alembert is another progressive one, but does not chase aggressive stakes. Rather, much like the James Bond, you bet in flat amounts. Firstly, you pick a betting increment (the smaller it is, the longer you will be able to play, in theory), with a popular choice being around 0.50% of your total balance or bankroll. Then, you simply increase or decrease your bet size depending on whether you win or lose that round. If you win, you make the same bet. If you lose, you increase the bet size to the next increment.

Parting Words

The aforementioned online roulette strategies are only some of the most popular out there, but a little research can go a long way if you would like to find one or more that are more suitable to you. As we’ve mentioned before, these are in no means intended to make or help you win, but rather to give you a different angle at which to approach your betting. Many of these strategies can be a neat way to manage your bankroll, and help you manage your spending. We certainly find any form of betting strategy quite interesting, even if they err on the side of complicated. Either way, if you’re keen to give any of the above a try, why not do so right here at JackpotCity. Our online casino is packed with various versions of online roulette, along with other titles like blackjack, poker and more!

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