JackpotCity’s Online Casino Guide for Players in Canada

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There is a huge variety of online casino games in Canada. Table games, slots, video poker, virtual bingo – some with many modern variants. Where did it all start and how can you go about playing online casino games safely and securely? One way is to follow the tips in our online casino guide, developed especially by JackpotCity Casino for players in Canada.

Here, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Canadian online casino games, how to spot legitimate table games, slots and other casino games, as well as how to find an online casino that’s safe and secure to play at.

Our first topic of discussion in this online casino guide? A quick lesson on the history of casino games.

Evolution of Casinos: From Land-Based to Online Facilities

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Gambling has long been a popular pursuit, but, as you can imagine, online casino games are fairly new forms of gambling.

In the frontier atmosphere of the early USA, gambling had at first been relegated to saloons of the Old West. In 1905, railroad workers began to congregate in Las Vegas to enjoy gambling and good company. While initially tolerated, a gambling ban was implemented from 1910 until 1931.

When the state of Nevada legalised gambling again, it triggered large casino developments. Land-based casinos provided a series of table games such as roulette, blackjack and poker, plus an army of slot machines.

Once online gambling and online casinos took off in the mid to late 90s, all gamblers of age and with access to a device could participate. Fuelled by new technologies, more efficient web communications, and more-secure ways to engage in money transactions over the web, the online gaming sector continued to grow and grow.

The introduction of mobile gaming by smartphone and tablet gave the industry a further boost around 2003. Now mobile gamblers are a major source of revenue for gambling companies, and technologies such as AR and VR are expanding the possibilities for modern gamblers.

Today’s casinos can offer online gamblers an astonishing array of online casino games, including a popular mix of progressive jackpots, slots, live dealer games and branded games, plus a broad selection of table games suitably adapted for the online environment.

Are All Online Casino Games Legit?

Sadly, no. As always, the key is for individuals to make sure they are aware of the risks, while also recognising the safety cues reliable and trustworthy online casino game sites exhibit.

Before signing up at any casino, players should read up on privacy matters, such as how the site collects and stores your personal data, who they share it with, and whether the information relating to financial transactions is always encrypted. You’ll find this on the site’s Privacy Policy page.

Globally recognised banking merchants, licensing information, multilingual customer support and other indicators are just some of the things you should look out for too.

Potential players are also encouraged to check that the casino is regularly audited by an international body such as eCOGRA, who will ensure all gaming is conducted fairly and in accordance with gambling regulations.

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What Is an Online Casino Random Number Generator?

All slots and virtual online casino games make use of RNG (Random Number Generator) software. RNG is a continuously operating mechanism that supplies an endless stream of random numbers, governing when a potential payout will be awarded on digital games.

Any game based on random matching (table games like roulette, poker, blackjack, slots and more) runs on an RNG facility, which uses a software program code based on mathematical algorithms.

Importantly, all gambling companies who use an RNG system must also be able to prove that it is regularly examined, audited and certified for its fairness by an internationally approved gambling regulator. This ensures player safety above all.

Where Can I Play Online Casino Games in Canada?

Any reputable online gambling company, such as JackpotCity Casino, must prioritise player welfare. It’s important that you pick a responsible gambling site to minimise worry and ensure the best entertainment experience when playing online casino games. Besides using our casino guide, Canadians are advised to look out for the following logos before signing up at any casino:

  1. Responsible Gambling Council
  2. Gambling Therapy
  3. Gamblers Anonymous

Many online casino games in Canada provided by globally recognised online software companies such as Microgaming can also be sure that all game titles have been externally audited and verified as being entirely free of any bias against the player’s interests.

What Are the Top Canadian Online Casino Games?

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Slot games are always among the most popular online casino games in Canada, most likely because there is such a broad selection to choose from. Online classic slots are designed to emulate early slot machines, while later slots offer 3D graphics and mobile access.

Table games like blackjack, roulette and baccarat, as well as video poker are also possible, especially now that many of these games are offered as live dealer variants.

Play Online Casino Games in a Responsible Way

The last tip we have in our online casino guide is for players in Canada to remember that safe online gambling requires all players to play games in a responsible way. That means, for instance, planning your gaming budget in advance, setting up deposit and betting limits and never betting with any intention other than to have fun and unwind.

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