The 2024 Only Fans rich list: Celebrities who reveal all for millions

Katie Price, Iggy Azalea and Trey Songz are among the top celebs making it big on OnlyFans – a membership-based platform where creators upload content and in exchange receive payment through subscriptions and tips.

The top earners are pocketing millions – enough to fund the lavish lifestyle we regularly see on their social media accounts and in the papers. Alongside adult content, celebrities, influencers and regular people are using OnlyFans to share cooking, fitness, music and lifestyle content.

But why not stick to the mainstream image-platform Instagram? Well, OnlyFans lets big names connect with their fans and post exclusive content - often by charging a fee. The images and videos sit behind a paywall which means your celebrity crush or favourite reality star can charge up to $50 for you to unlock their posts. You can even ask for personalised pictures or videos in return for a fee, and chat to them via phone call or direct message.

Founded in London in 2016, OnlyFans popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. There were around 348,000 content creators in 2019. Today, research shows that the platform has over 220 million users across the globe and over 2.2m creators who monetize their content.

With an estimated one billion monthly website views worldwide – is OnlyFans becoming a profitable opportunity for those in the public eye?

Research by online casino, Jackpot City Casino has looked to reveal the estimated monthly earnings for popular reality TV stars, musicians and other famous faces on OnlyFans. To calculate the potential earnings of celebrities in the UK, US and Australia, Jackpot City Casino multiplied the creators' monthly subscription fee by half their X (formerly known as Twitter) following, which is often used as a way to promote their OnlyFans, then took away the 20% OnlyFans commision fee from this figure to find their net monthly earning potential.

The stars at the top of the OnlyFans rich list

  1. Trey Songz – $104,000,000

American musician, songwriter and producer, Trey Songz is best known for his R&B and hip-hop songs which rose to the top of the charts in the 2000s. He’s been nominated for three Grammy awards and has released over 10 albums with his most popular song on Spotify, Slow Motion which has over 440m listens.

He has built an impressive online fanbase with 7.5m monthly listeners on Spotify, 15m followers on Instagram and 13m on X – which shines a light on why he’s sitting at the top of the OnlyFans rich list. He charges his fans a $20 monthly subscription fee and his estimated earnings are a mighty $104m.

  1. Iggy Azalea - $63,809,600

Australian rapper and model, Iggy Azalea is known worldwide having achieved two American Music Awards, three Billboard Music Awards and a People's Choice Award among many others.

Also widely known for her OnlyFans presence, Iggy Azalea has been revealed as the top female celebrity earner on the platform who could rake in an impressive $63.8m a month if only half her X fanbase signed up to her $20.99 subscription fee.

  1. Mia Khalifa – $29,760,000

Born in Lebanon, Mia Khalifa rose to fame as an adult film actress and webcam model. She now works as a social media influencer and sports presenter, and she launched a body jewellery label in 2023.

She has over 6m followers on X and 26.8m followers on Instagram, where she flaunts her VIP invites, being dressed by designer brands and exclusive behind the scenes at fashion week. She has also brought attention to the racism and sexism she faced in the industry.

Mia has come third place on the OnlyFans rich list through charging her fans a fee of $12 per month. Her estimated earnings are $29.7m a month if only half her X followers paid up.

  1. Lauren Goodger – $20,000,000

Reality TV star Lauren Goodger is best known for her role on ITV’s The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE), where she televised her turbulent relationship with fellow TOWIE star Mark Wright and played a part in some explosive storylines. She also starred on Dancing on Ice and Celebrity Big Brother, and has announced her 2024 return to Towie.

Lauren is also a mum to her two-year-old daughter. She has grown her following to almost one million on Instagram and one million on X.

She is a top earner in the OnlyFans rich list, and charges the top end of the subscription fee, $50, with estimated potential earnings from half her X followers at $20m a month.

  1. Denise Richards – $20,000,000

With the potential to take home the same as Lauren Goodger is actress and TV personality, Denise Richards. Since  starring in popular films in the late 1990s including The World Is Not Enough as a Bond girl, and Starship Troopers, in addition to more recent work, the actress has amassed an impressive 2m followers on X.

Denise is currently acting in the film Hunting Housewives, alongside raising her three daughters, who she followed in the footsteps of when joining the OnlyFans platform.  With a $25 subscription fee, the actress could rake in up to $20m a month from half her X fanbase.

The celebrities with the highest OnlyFans income

Celebrities based in the US dominated the OnlyFans rich list. Out of the top 20 celebrity earners, only four were based in the UK and just one of these was in the top five.

Women also outnumbered men on the list with a ratio of 16:4. Interestingly, the top earner was a man and his estimated earnings were substantially higher. Trey Songz earned an estimated $104m. But the highest female earner, Iggy Azalea, banks an estimated $63.8m – a vast difference of $40.2m.

Top 10 UK celebrities with highest OnlyFans earnings

Top 10 US celebrities with highest OnlyFans earnings


To calculate the estimated earnings, our team gathered a list of the celebrities on OnlyFans in the UK and US, in a variety of different professions including reality stars, actors, musicians and those in sport. We then multiplied their number of followers on X by their monthly subscription fee to find their gross earnings, then took 20% off this figure to account for the OnlyFans commission fee from creators, to determine their net potential OnlyFans income each month if only 50% of their X fans were to sign up. This does not take into account celebrities who have a $0 subscription fee and make money on OnlyFans separately to subscription fees. Figures were taking in US Dollars.

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