How To Recognise Responsible Casinos Online In Canada

Customer Service

For most players, enjoying their favourite online slots in Canada while playing on their gambling sites is a fun experience. But if ever your gambling should turn from just a pleasant part of your normal leisure activities into something maybe quite distressful, can you be sure of getting help and protection? A responsible online casino which has a comprehensive customer care policy will always be able to offer assistance with such issues. But do you know what a responsible online casino policy should actually contain? This article contains some tips and advice on what you should expect.

All casinos online in Canada should encourage all players to practise responsible gambling. Among other things, that means ensuring gamers have online access to features which will offer prompt assistance when needed. Here are some examples below:

Casinos online in Canada with customer support in language

A good customer support system will enable players to make contact and receive prompt and efficient live help. But if an online casino portal offers 24-hour access, as most do, then customers should be able to rely upon accessing customer support 24/7 in order to resolve any queries or provide specific support. Any companies unwilling to do more than assist during their office hours, or weekdays only, will thus be falling well short of discharging their responsibilities to players.

An important feature of any customer care policy is the ability to communicate with players in their own language. In Canada, for example, it is expected that the general population speak either French or English. So it is important for top Canadian online casinos to provide mother-tongue speakers who can competently handle customer enquiries in both those particular languages. And furthermore, if a responsible company realises they are receiving a volume of enquiries from other groups, perhaps using an indigenous language or a migrant tongue, then they should again look to provide an appropriate language facility to meet that emerging need.

Transaction limits

When players behave responsibly, they are unlikely to experience anything more than easily-resolved everyday issues during any online game session. But for those whose enjoyment turns into a habit which they find hard to control, there should be a range of mechanisms which offer help and support.

That’s why JackpotCity Casino has a feature which allows players to select a transaction limit for their account. With this simple procedure in place, it then becomes much easier for players to keep within their budget limits while enjoying a good time while they play latest online casino slots. This removes the worry of an enjoyable pastime perhaps turning into something which places unwelcome strains on a player, or which makes it more difficult for them to enjoy a balanced lifestyle.

24 hour support

Cooling off period

Self-restraint and a balanced and responsible attitude is always the easiest way to avoid an enjoyable form of entertainment developing into a constant, nagging necessity. Nevertheless, a responsible online casino operator should always be able to offer a further level of support when such action becomes necessary.

So JackpotCity Casino can help by allowing gamers to have the option to trigger a cooling off period of seven days. Upon receiving a customer request, there will then be no further account access allowed during the specified time out option. This can give customers an essential breathing space when they need it as a means of getting everything back into proper perspective.

Auto exclusion policy

Again, it should be stressed that the normal enjoyment of online casino games is a safe experience for the overwhelming majority of players visiting gaming websites. However, where strategies such as budgeting via transaction limits or a set cooling off period are not enough to help players to modify their behaviour, responsible providers should have a mechanism to offer any extra assistance required.

Thus JackpotCity Casino’s auto exclusion policy is a personal play tool which a player can use to address and control any developing problem. So, upon request, a player’s account can be suspended as part of a self-exclusion program. This allows players to remove themselves from any online casino activity for a period of six months – or even more if required.

A self-assessment service

When a fun activity starts to cause issues elsewhere in a player’s life, it can sometimes be friends and family who are the first to notice. But because nothing dramatic occurs, someone starting to go beyond normal limits may feel as if nothing untoward is happening. And, of course, sometimes they may also be right, and their friends are worrying needlessly!

One way to get a much better picture is to take advantage of the JackpotCity Casino playcheck service. This provides players with a way to review their online casino activities in order to pick up any warning signs about their own ability to keep playing within normal and responsible limits.

Links to outside agencies

Any company operating a responsible online casino portal must always put the player’s welfare above all else. That is precisely why operators like JackpotCity Casino ensure that their website includes links to outside agencies who can offer more targeted support for any developing issue. If required, players on the JackpotCity Casino website can access links to the following external support agencies:


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