Royals Are On The Rise At JackpotCity Casino

Rising Royals

Source: Just For The Win

If you’ve been thinking to yourself that your life is missing a touch of glamour and riches, we have some good news for you. The Palace of Versailles is about to welcome to a world of luxury, where you’ll get to make yourself at home without ever leaving your chair. Imagine yourself as a prince, the most handsome man in court, and get ready to find yourself a princess. The new mobile jackpot casino game launches on November 14.

Roses, Chandeliers, And Glowing Princesses Galore

At JackpotCity Casino, the Rising Royal will be you. When you open up this new game for the first time, you’ll find the Palace of Versailles as your backdrop, windows lit by candles and a purple sunset. Imagine finding yourself inside, dancing with your princess through the Hall of Mirrors. And, speaking of your princess, there she is! Your princess glows with ease and is flushed with dancing. She looks bored while she waits for you to sweep her off her feet. You’ll know her when her symbol comes up, as she’s frosted with jewels and a sumptuous pink dress.

The king has feathers in his hat and a twirled moustache just slightly resembles Captain Hook. You, the prince, are chiselled and cunning with a thick head of curly hair. Other symbols to watch out for: Ace, King, Queen, and Jack. And, of course, the Rising Royals title symbol, gilded—like everything else—in rich gold.

This mobile casino jackpot game is refreshingly straightforward for elegant gameplay. It features 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 pay lines, just like all of your favourite online slots. Your wins will pay if three or more of the same symbol appears on your line from left to right. You’ll get the highest win per line, and that’s a guarantee. Then, simultaneous wins will be added on to the initial win. Your immediate pay will come from J, Q, K, and A symbols. But any other symbol will launch this game’s top feature: the Symbol Lock Re-spin.

Symbol Lock Re-Spin Showers Down Gold

Are you ready for royal wins? You’ll have to start thinking like a prince to win at this game, where wins produce more and more gold. That’s what will happen with the Symbol Lock Re-Spin. If you score a win on any symbol other than J, Q, K or A, those symbols will lock up. So, if you get three princesses in a row, those princesses will freeze and you’ll get another automatic re-spin.

Each time you re-spin, the Symbol Upgrade meter on the side of the screen will fill up just a little bit. When that meter is full, every locked symbol will upgrade to a more valuable symbol. Princes will become princesses and princesses will become kings. That means way more value for you. Your Re-Spin will end when you stop getting locked symbols—or, even better, when all the symbols on the screen are locked up. That’s when you’ll get your pay out.

Here’s the symbol breakdown: the Rising Royals symbol pays out at a whopping up to 15x the total bet. The king pays out up to 7.5x the total bet while the princess pays up to 5x and the prince up to 3.5x. A, K, Q, and J symbols all pay out up to 3x the total bet.

The Statistical Game of Versailles

The payout percentage on Rising Royals is 96.01%, which means you’re likely to get $96.01 back if you bet $1 each time for 100 spins. But since the game has medium volatility and is designed by Just For The Win Studios to be as engaging as possible, you’ll have much more fun. The game hits about 20.97% of the time, or once in every 4.77 spins. And you can start out the betting wherever you feel most comfortable. The minimum bet on this game is $0.10, but you can go up to $250. JackpotCity Casino will start you off at $2.00 by default.

As fall gets started and the air begins to chill, it’s the perfect time to cosy up and tuck yourself inside the Palace of Versailles. The fireplace is on, and the royals are ready to play.

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