How To Improve Your Smartphone Casino Gaming Experience

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One of the advantages of mobile gaming is that you can now enjoy playing your favourite Android casino games regardless of your location. But sometimes you may need to perform a few phone tweaks in order to get the best out of your mobile gaming experience. We have previously written about how to fix common online casino issues in the blog article ‘Troubleshooting the Casino’. And sometimes you may find that the issue is not about the casino itself, but rather it’s about optimising your smartphone’s performance. So here’s a quick review of some things you can do to ensure your smartphone gameplay always runs as smoothly as possible.

Clear your phone’s cache

You’ll find the apps on your phone are constantly storing smaller amounts of data in your phone cache. This process usually helps your phone to function faster and more smoothly. However, things can get to the point where your phone starts to run low on storage – and then your cached data could start to become a hindrance. So here’s how to gain a performance boost by emptying your phone cache and allowing your phone to start over: Go to Settings on your phone, which you should be able to find in the app drawer. Then go to Storage, tap on the Cached data option, and just hit the OK button to clear your cache.

Disable smartphone animations

Phone animations, which often go unnoticed, are usually designed to make common phone tasks run as smoothly as possible. You can check this out by following the pathway: Settings > Developer Options > Window Animation Scale > Animation scale 10x. Next, select Window Animation Scale once more to watch your phone’s screen fade in and out in slow motion. Once you select Animation off, your screen will behave differently, just snapping into position without the subtle morphing effect. Turning off your Transition Animation Scale will likewise further streamline your phone’s performance. And if you are using your phone for gaming, you’ll probably notice that your Android performance is quicker with all animations deselected.

Remove/Disable bloatware

The term bloatware describes pre-installed apps on your phone (which you never use) placed there by your service provider and/or by the device manufacturer. Completely removing unwanted bloatware involves a process known as rooting (a clean, uncluttered type of upgrade) which can sometimes be a little tricky to arrange. But don’t worry, there are other ways to control bloatware on your phone. For instance, you can identify these apps and stop them from updating automatically. In some cases, you may also be able to uninstall those particular app updates, which will gain you some extra storage space. In addition, it’s important to check that these apps are not set up on your phone as default options. Wherever possible, choose a phone with a pure Android OS which won’t arrive with a host of unwanted software and games which serve no useful purpose.

Update your OS and apps

Part of your optimisation routine should also include upgrading your phone so that it’s running the most up to date version of the Android operating system it can use. Each new Android release is designed to improve the stability, performance and connectivity of your device. These upgrades will also come with a new range of user-friendly apps and features.

You can check which software version of the Android operating system is currently installed on your phone by going to ‘About phone’. Then it’s simply a matter of checking for the latest upgrade online. If you do need to perform a system update for your smartphone or tablet, just follow the instructions to download and install the latest version. The same update advice applies to any useful apps you rely on: Your phone will always function better with the latest software update installed.

Disable GPS/Bluetooth/syncing and other functions when not in use

Though sync is a great feature which helps your phone function efficiently, its habit of frequently checking and refreshing your data can sometimes hamper your phone’s ability to perform other tasks. So to minimise this cutback in phone performance, it’s worth turning the sync function off for all except your essential services.

The same applies to your phone’s Bluetooth and GPS functions, which are also very effective but will likewise impair your phone’s optimum gaming performance if they are left switched on to preform functions you rarely use, or will only require at certain times. Remember too that simply disabling apps and features is not the same as uninstalling them. This action will not harm your phone and such elements can be quickly and easily enabled again whenever they are required.

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