The Chances of Winning Progressive Jackpots Successively

Progressive jackpots are jackpots pooled amongst online slots that continuously grow until they pay out. When they do, the amount resets to the minimum amount and begins growing all over again. The amount is accumulated over a network of slots and grows with each player. They can be won at random or by landing specific combinations under certain conditions such as the maximum bet in play, but either way, everyone wants to win the progressive jackpots as they can amount to millions.

Try Your Luck

The only way you can ever be sure of having an opportunity to win a progressive jackpot is by playing progressive online slot games. Progressive jackpots and, well, all online slot payouts are in fact paid out entirely at random. There is no way to know for sure if you will win a progressive jackpot, which in turn means that there is nothing stopping the online slots progressive jackpot from being won two or more times successively. It is merely a case of being in the right place at the right moment and then being lucky enough to be there again.

The reason online slots pay out at random is that they have random number generators (RNG’s) that generate winning combinations and the exact moment in time a random progressive jackpot is won. If you happen to click on play at that very moment, you become the lucky winner. From that particular moment to the next moment you click on play, the game itself does not remember that the progressive jackpot has recently been won and can award it again.

Anyone Can Win

Some types of progressive online slots do not need you to bet the maximum amount or spin a particular combination of symbols. They simply pay out a progressive jackpot on any spin. Some of these online slots may have up to three progressive jackpots, referred to as the mini, midi and maxi jackpots that pay out accordingly. Other progressive online slots may have even more different progressive jackpot amounts where a specific goal in the game correlates to a specific jackpot amount.

Software developers and online casino operators are becoming more and more creative with progressive jackpots and no one will really know when a payout is due to hit. It is however certain that you can win more than one progressive jackpot in a row.

If you play a progressive online slot that claims to pay very often, your chances are high if they are being truthful but there is still no guarantee. Any extremely high progressive jackpot that has not been won in a while is not primed to pay out, this is a common misconception. It is in fact still the case of what is generated from the random number generator.

Relying on Lady Luck

Chasing a progressive jackpot is not the way to go. There is no way to make it pay out by placing higher bets or playing in a specific way. There is even no way for the progressive jackpots to be paid evenly around the world or in a timeous manner. It is a simple case of lady luck showing up. The bonus is however that she can show up more than once.

The best way in which you can aim for a progressive jackpot win is to simply play the progressive online slots at JackpotCity, focus on playing smart and letting your bankroll go as far as it will take you. Aiming for smaller wins has better odds of walking away a winner but playing nonetheless is the best chance you have to winning a progressive jackpot!

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