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Online casinos have to make a living somehow, which is why casino games have what is referred to as a house edge. The house edge represents the percentage of time the casino will always win, which allows them to keep their doors open. Of course, the house edge also represents the percentage a player will always lose. It makes good sense, therefore, that the games with the lowest house edge are the best for the player.

The house edge of each game is not a secret. The information is freely available, and the exact house edge of any game can quickly be learned. Often, a game will state the house edge clearly for players to see, letting them know exactly the chances of winning and losing they are about to face. If you do not see the house edge displayed for a game, you may also just as easily do a quick Google search. But why not save some time and read the list below?

1. Multiplayer Online Poker

Poker is essentially one of the most skill-based casino games available. Professional players practice for years, and still have not mastered every aspect of this deep and complicated game. The most interesting thing is, though, that if you are playing poker against other real players, there is no house. And this, of course, means that there is no house edge.

It is simply a matter of player versus player, which means you should no longer be concerned about losing to the house, but rather to the other players. Online multiplayer poker is a level playing field, and 100% fair to every player involved. If you’re wondering, online casinos generally take a very small amount of each pot, in the range of a few cents, to justify the game being played at their online venue.

2. Sports Wagering

If you think poker is a deep and complicated game, sports betting is on a whole new level. Those who are successful at sports betting, really successful, are drawing from information that is years, or even decades old. How can you predict how well a specific team will do? By knowing the history of that team, and processing it into a valid statistical chance.

Since the entire system is based around chance, on the part of the bettor and bookie, there is no real aspect of their being a house edge. The bookie may make an incorrect prediction, and certainly doesn’t know about unforeseen circumstances. Sports betting may also be called free of a house edge.

3. Blackjack

Blackjack offers an exceptionally low house edge when strategy is used in play. This makes it an amazingly good deal for the player. The catch is, in the case of blackjack, that a low house edge is only applicable if you can play the game with remarkably good skill and strategy. We’re talking about the kind of skill gained with years of practice, combined with an understanding of maths that would make a maths teacher faint.

If you have both of the above mentioned skills, however, you’ll find that that you can consistently win at blackjack, to an accuracy of about 99%. This is not something to be taken lightly, and those capable of such skill are few and far between. For the rest of us, blackjack is just a great bit of fun that won’t seem especially generous.

4. Jacks Or Better Video Poker

Jacks or Better video poker sits in the same category as blackjack. That is to say, the game can be played to a winning accuracy of about 99%, assuming you are amazingly good at the game. Video poker, of course, is played with a real simulated deck of cards, regardless of the fact that it is electronic. This means that a person who understands the game on a deep level, and has a grasp of how the cards are likely to fall over time, can really clean up.

Don’t be thinking you’re about to set off and become a video poker master, however, unless you are read to commit some serious time and effort to it. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible, though, so start practicing now and see what happens. Who knows, maybe you’re a video poker prodigy waiting to be discovered.

5. Roulette

Roulette may be the least generous game on this list as far as odds go, but the difference is that roulette requires less skill to be a winner. If you place a bet on the red or black options, you have about a 48% chance of instantly winning. This is significant because the low odds stated in blackjack and video poker are assuming that you play for a length of time, and know how to play well. Roulette will give you a 48% chance right here and now.

Do keep in mind that the 48% assumes you are playing on a European roulette wheel, and not an American roulette wheel. American roulette wheels have an added zero pocket, which lowers this percentage of winning to below 48%. Always insist on playing roulette on a European wheel, as there is no logical reason to lower your odds of winning.

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