Top Spots To Gamble Globally

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Land-based casinos provide a lot of entertainment for people around the world. They are a tradition that goes back hundreds of years, and the establishments today balance honouring their history with new innovations.

The blend of the old and the new differs from casino to casino, depending on how established their location is as a gambling-focused destination. In some cases, such as Las Vegas and Reno, the main event has always been the slots and the tables, and over time other activities have been added to create a more complete holiday package. For others, such as Singapore, gambling is a much more recent addition to the list of tourist attractions, having only been legalised in 2005. The casinos here are fantastic, but they are often discovered after the other delights, such as aquariums and botanical gardens have been visited.

Older gambling destinations in Europe and North America also tend to have more a feeling of honouring the heritage of the golden days of yesterday; there is less of a historical atmosphere in the newer casino resorts of North America and Asia. What unites all the best casinos in the world, however, is a love of their games and the people who play them. When you’re at home you easily can find the finest online casino games at JackpotCity, but if you’re lucky enough to be travelling there are some spots that you simply shouldn’t miss. We’ve listed some of our favourites below.

Going for a Gambling Holiday

For the bright lights and incredible atmosphere that you know and love, you can’t beat the classic casino destinations of Monte Carlo and Las Vegas. Steeped in tradition, with beautiful architecture in all of the gambling complexes, including the Bellagio and the MGM Grand, will put you in the mind-set of a glamorous high roller from the moment you walk through the doors.

Reno, which was the top gambling destination in America before Las Vegas took the title in the second half of the 20th century, still has a lot of its old charm and many of its old casinos. The same feeling of honouring days gone by can be felt in Atlantic City, which is considered to be past its heyday but which still offers great experiences at the Borgata and other casinos.

Macau has taken the title of richest gambling centre in the world from Las Vegas; it is a special administrative region of China with an autonomous rule, a thirst for prosperity and a high quality of life. Many Vegas-based companies have launched casinos in the Monaco of the Orient, as Macau is popularly known, including Wynn Resorts and MGM Las Vegas Sands.

Gambling to Complement Other Adventures

Some places offer great holiday experiences in other ways, with world-class casinos as an unexpected bonus. Paris, for example, is known for many other tourist attractions but you can enjoy great casinos in the City of Love. The same is true of Las Angeles, especially if you visit the Commerce Casino and the Bicycle Casino.

We’ve already mentioned Singapore, and if you find yourself needing a break from the pristine beaches of Aruba, the 24-hour gambling entertainment includes top-level establishments such as the Glitz, Copacabana, Casablanca Casinos and more. Jolly old England is also a thriving gambling destination, with places like The Ritz Casino in London and the smaller, quainter establishments that litter the countryside towns also pulling in the punters. San José in Costa Rica also offers their fair number of casinos and they make use of the bigger tables like those in Macau. Lesser known spots to check out in San José include The Horseshoe and The Cocal, which is right on the beach.

A Great Way to Get to Know a Place

The characters of the cities and other locations that are home to land-based casinos can’t help but influence the nature of the casinos, and be influenced in return. Whether you visit primarily to gamble or explore the casinos as a secondary activity, you’ll gain more insight into the true nature of every place you explore after you’ve spent some time on the slots machines or at the tables. Your travel experience will be richer for it!

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