This Summer, The 70’s Are Back In Village People: Macho Moves

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I’m going to feed you some lyrics. See if they sound familiar to you: “Every man wants to be a macho man / To have the kind of body always in demand / Joggin’ in the mornings, go man go / Workouts in the health spa, muscles grow.” It’s the Village People with one of their most outwardly Macho—and most popular—songs. That song and many others will land on the online slots this summer from Fortune Factory Studios. Soon, the Macho Men will introduce us all to their fanciest moves and help you win money at JackpotCity with Village People: Macho Moves.

Get Ready For The Dance Floor

On June 25, 2019, when you open this game, you’ll find yourself face to face with 6 x 3 sparkling, spinning reels topped with the “macho men” themselves: a construction worker, cowboy, cop, Native American, biker, and sailor. Each of the men has his own reel with an individual glowing stage for dancing. You’ll hit the disco floor running as the jukebox plays five of the most popular Village People songs, including Y.M.C.A, In the Navy, and Macho Man.

The game features 15 different fixed paylines, so you have many ways to win. Back when the Village People were performing and slot machines were mechanic instead of digital, games had just one payline each—a straight horizontal line of matching symbols in the middle of the reels. Luckily for us all, those days are long gone. This game includes six different Free Spins features, Expanding Wilds, Dynamic Scaling, and more. Do the possibilities overwhelm you yet?

Why Macho Moves?

The key to the name of this game lies in the six different Free Spins features mentioned above. Those features each correspond to one of the Village People and their individual reels. To access their Macho Moves, you need to keep your eye on each of the men’s stages, and the green meters that track VP Wild Tokens. This part gets sort of complicated, but it’s really important to how the game works, so buckle up.

VP Wilds, Free Spins, And Macho Moves

The first thing to understand is that VP Wilds are different from regular Wilds. When a VP Wild disco ball lands on a reel, the other two symbols on the reels also turn into wilds. That’s not all! The VP Wild also adds a token to the meter above its reel. When the meter fills up, it’s time to get Free Spins. Free Spins on this game correspond to the individual reels and their individual Token Meters and Characters. Each of the Macho Moves includes five Free Spins with different special features and multipliers

On the Construction Worker reel, fill up the Token Meter for five Free Spins with Random Multipliers between 2x and 20x for each Free Spin. On the Cowboy reel, you’ll get between 2 and 12 Wilds randomly placed on the reels before each of your Free Spins. The Cop’s move includes between 1 and 3 full Wild Reels placed randomly before the Free Spins. The Native gives you two marching Wild Reels that move before each of your Free Spins. Second to last, the Biker upgrades all low-paying symbols to high-paying symbols on every spin. Your Spades, Diamonds, Clubs, and Hearts will be replaced with Disco Shoes, Microphones, and Record Players. Finally, the Sailor places between 1 and 3 Locked Wilds on the reels before each spin, and those Wilds stay right where they are for all of your remaining Free Spins.

Phew! That’s a lot of combinations and loads of exciting features. I wouldn’t blame you if you needed to draw yourself a map or make a choreographed dance to remember them—maybe the Y.M.C.A could work!


Now that we’ve got the cool features down, here’s what else you should know before you play. You can bet between $0.20 and $25, and the default bet is $1. The payout on Village People: Macho Moves is 96%, with Medium High Volatility. The game hits at 23.9%, and that goes up to 27.25% when you include the VP Wild Tokens.

Play Soon At JackpotCity

If you haven’t yet become a member at JackpotCity, the time is right. Line up the most money possible for the arrival of Village People: Macho Moves. If the game itself isn’t enough to convince you, then keep this in mind. JackpotCity has an introductory offer that will give you 100% of your money back on your first four deposits of up to $400 each. That means you could end up with $1600 to play with. And when the Macho Men themselves land with their fancy footwork, you’ll be ready to join them.

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