Vital Roulette Terms

Vital Roulette Terms
Since the 1700s, Roulette has been taking the world by storm as one of the most exciting and lucrative casino games there is. Almost every avid gambler has enjoyed a game of Roulette, but if you really want to master the game, you need the key terminology to go with it.

Are you ready to become a master of online and live dealer Roulette? Our extensive glossary will teach you all the terms you need to know to instantly boost your winning potential!

American Roulette: A variation of the game with an extra 00 slot, giving the casino an extra advantage.

Bankroll: How much money you have in your casino account to play real money Roulette. There are plenty of deposit options available to make this a breeze!

Black bet: A bet on any of the black numbered slots on the wheel.

Column bet: This bet covers a full, 12-number column.

Croupier: In live dealer games, a real croupier will spin the wheel and act as a dealer. In online games, the software does it all instead!

Even bet: A bet that the next number will be an even one, and not odd.

Even money: A 1:1 payout on outside bets like blacks, reds, evens, odds, and low or high numbers.

En prison: A beneficial rule found in French Roulette that gives you another chance to win if your ball lands on zero.

European Roulette: A popular Roulette variation with 36 slots and a single 0 (and better odds for you!)

French Roulette: The original game, with a layout and rules that are slightly different to those of European Roulette. Offers the advantageous en prison and la partage rules.

High roller: A player who consistently wagers high amounts.

**House edge: **The statistical edge that your casino has over its players in a game.

Inside bet: Any bet placed on the numbered section of the Roulette table.

La partage: A unique rule in French and European Roulette that lets you keep half of your money if the ball lands on zero.

Odd bet: A 1:1 bet on any of the odd numbers on the wheel.

**Push: **A tie. Your stake will be returned in this case.

Red bet: A bet on any red slot on the wheel.

Straight up bet: This involves betting on a single number.

Wheel: The Roulette wheel used in the game, which offers numbered slots in red or black.

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