What You Need To Play Live Dealer Games

Live dealer games are great fun and can give you a classy online casino experience. JackpotCity has a great selection of professional dealers hosting live dealer games. These live games are open to anyone but there are 4 things everyone needs before taking part in live dealer games:

  1. Reliable Internet Connection
  2. Reliable Microphone or Headset
  3. A JackpotCity casino account (with real money)
  4. Reliable Knowledge Of The Live Dealer Games

Reliable Internet Connection

This is probably one of the things most people take for granted. When you play a live dealer game, the dealer will be in front of a web cam or video camera in a professional studio halfway across the globe. His play, shuffling or roulette spins are streamed via this webcam to you and that can potentially require a lot of bandwidth. Often these videos are recorded and streamed in HD.

Remember, you cannot afford to lose connectivity during a live dealer game; any poor connections could result in miscommunications and possibly even a wager loss. Make sure your Internet is up to scratch.

If you can’t play a YouTube video properly on your Internet line, it may be time to upgrade your connection. A handy tip if you are in this situation may be to simply play live dealer games during off peak times of day. Live dealer games can occur at all hours of the day, you aren’t limited to office hours.

Reliable Hardware

It may be a good idea to invest in a nice microphone or headset. You can communicate with the dealer and other players. If you have good hardware, you will be able to communicate effectively and hear player or dealer comments clearly.

It is always handy to have a spare mouse or batteries as back up, should your mouse fail you at a crucial moment during a high stakes tournament.

Online Casino Account At JackpotCity

To take part in playing and real money wagering with a live dealer game, you will need a JackpotCity player account as well as enough credit in that account to be able to make the minimum wagers at your chosen table game. You can take advantage of great Welcome bonuses when you sign up at JackpotCity.

Reliable Knowledge Of The Live Dealer Games

Live dealer table are often medium to high stakes wager tables. As such they tend to attract seasoned or professional players. Never walk into a live dealer game with elementary knowledge of a game. You will lose money and you may even upset a few players.

Live dealers can help out players and you should never feel shy to ask questions, but constant queries can really slow down a game and result in some unfavourable opinions from fellow players.

Online casinos offer a great selection of table and casino games that can be played for free money as a training exercise. These games will also be available for real money wagering. A good system to have is to play a new game for free, move on to real money wagering when you are confident enough and only then should you try your hand at live dealer games.

Quality Gaming in Real Time

Live dealer games offer a professional casino table experience from the comfort of your desktop PC or even a mobile or Tablet device. Now that you know the minimum requirements, sign up at JackpotCity casino and take part in this exciting experience with any of your favourite table games. Nothing really compares to the unique atmosphere and player culture that surrounds live dealer games.

Playing Live Dealer Games at JackpotCity Live Dealer Casino Game Do’s