Why Playing at a Licensed Casino Is Essential

There is no doubt that most online casinos have a great track record of security and reliability. In comparison to land-based casinos, online casino games are virtually incapable of cheating, since fairness is hardwired right into their core. That’s not to say land based casinos are infamous for cheating, on the contrary the majority of land based casinos likewise have immaculate reputations.

The simple fact is, however, that an online casino game can only cheat if it has been programmed to do so, which it simply has not. But what is a licensed casino, and why is it considered essential to play only at licensed casinos? The truth of the matter is that online casino games may be incapable of cheating, but the operators who run online casinos certainly are capable of doing so. As the online casino industry has boomed, hundreds upon hundreds of online casinos have popped up virtually overnight, many of which are unlicensed, using stolen software and games that offer less than fair results.

Unlicensed Casinos

A licensed casino is required to follow rules and live up to a set of expectations. At any time an inspector may be granted access to the casino, real world or digital, and make sure things are running as they should be. If there are any problems the casino will be shut down, the owners fined, and assets confiscated.

An unlicensed casino, of course, has none of these obligations to worry about. In the online world an unlicensed casino may set up shop just about anywhere, roll out the slots, and sit back as unsuspecting players roll in. The trick is that the player will have to have created an account at the casino to start playing, meaning that the players details are now in the domain of the casino.

That’s not to say the unlicensed casino may steal the details, but rather that the money in that account is accessible by the casino. Funds may be withdrawn from the account as the casino sees fit, and there are many reports of unlicensed online casinos confiscating winnings, refusing to pay jackpots, or even blackmailing players for the money in their account. Thankfully, however, it is relatively easy to avoid an unlicensed casino.

Online Casino Game Safe Guards

Every online casino game is designed, from the ground up, to be one hundred per cent fair, one hundred per cent unbiased, and one hundred per cent reliable. As has already been said, there is literally no way for an online game to cheat. It would be something like asking a fish to climb a tree; the game simply does not know how. But this does not mean that problems are impossible, based on factors outside the programming. The most common problem tends to be with the Internet connection between the game and the player, which is not always reliable. Imagine winning a jackpot on a slot machine, only for your Internet connection to fail before the funds are paid out.

Most online slot games will specify, in fine print, that a problem resulting from an unreliable Internet connection will void unpaid wins, and this, most will agree, is a questionable situation to say the least. If you experience such a problem, look for a serial number on the screen, which will generally be displayed at the top or bottom. Every spin on a slot machine, every round of online poker, and every online transaction that takes place in a digital has its own serial number.

Record the number, contact the customer support centre of the casino, and explain what has occurred. It is essential to report this serial number, else the casino will have no proof that anything has occurred, and will have only your word to go on. A specific serial number will allow the casino to see exactly what has transpired, and grant them the grounds on which to give you the fairly won cash.

Regulatory Measures

Although rogue casinos may crop up and then disappear almost over night, there are several avenues that players can explore should they feel they have encountered an unlicensed casino or been taken advantage of.

There are numerous websites and forums where players can go to voice their concerns about suspect casinos. These website are free to browse, and are updated on a regular basis, and many will even try help those who believe they have been cheated retrieve what rightfully belongs to them.

There are also regulatory bodies that assist in monitoring the online sphere and have been instrumental in ensuring that any unlicensed casinos that have acted illegally are shut down.


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