Winning with Roulette Probability

Winning with Roulette Probability
If you are new to playing roulette, you may have heard that you either need to use a fancy betting system or rely on luck to make a guess that will win you real money. While betting systems may or may not work, and luck certainly does help, these are not the only way that could see your winning chances improve. Once you understand some of the very basics of roulette probability, you can start implementing it in your gaming, and it could have a beneficial effect. This can be used effectively together with variations of roulette that use rules that can and do work in your favour.

Choose a Version of Roulette

Before we consider the probability of certain results coming out tops on the roulette wheel, we should point you in the direction of variations of the game that are good for beginners. Those versions are the European and French ones. The reason for this is that both their wheels have 37 pockets, of which only one is numbered 0. This means these versions have a lower house edge than the American version, the wheel of which has two pockets numbered 0 and 00.

The French version also uses a rule called La Partage, which basically means that, if you lose a spin, half your bet will be returned to you.

Roulette Probability Odds

Familiarising yourself with the probability of certain results coming up on a European or French roulette wheel could help you decide which bets to place. It may seem like a lot to remember now, but putting in the effort of remembering at least some of the odds could pay off in the future.

A single number has a 1 in 37 chance of coming up on a spin, whereas 2 numbers have a 2 in 37 chance. 3 numbers or a row have a 3 in 37 chance, and 4 numbers have a 4 in 37 chance. 6 numbers or two rows have a 6 in 37 chance, and 9 numbers or 3 rows have a 9 in 37 chance. 12 numbers, 4 rows, a column, and a third have a 12 in 37 chance, and 18 numbers, red or black, high or low, and odd or even have an 18 in 37 chance of winning. You can start off with these basics, and slowly improve your strategies as your game improves.

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