European Blackjack Gold Game Guide

Never miss a hand

RNG game with one click to bet.

Rebet Feature

Repeat your bet without moving your chips each time.

Immersive graphics and animation

Lifelike table similar to a land-based casino.

Low-volatility online blackjack

Players win roughly 50% of their hands.

Flexible betting limits

Adjust your bet size between 1 and 200.

European Blackjack Gold at JackpotCity Canada

European Blackjack Gold is a tried and trusted blackjack variant from the highly reputable casino games developer, Games Global. As part of their Gold Series, this popular online casino game boasts silky-smooth graphics, immersive sound effects, and seamless game play that perfectly emulates the in-person casino experience.

Following the standard rules of European Blackjack, it combines traditional game play with modern sophistication, appealing to both seasoned players and newcomers alike. With a variety of betting options, high table limits, and in-game features to choose from, European Blackjack Gold is a solid choice for table-game connoisseurs visiting JackpotCity, one of Canada’s top mobile casinos.

How to Play European Blackjack Gold

What is European Blackjack, you might ask? The main difference between European vs American Blackjack is that European games allow players to split hands of the same value, while you can generally split any pair of cards up to three times in American Blackjack. European Blackjack Gold is an easy-to-learn online casino game that follows European Blackjack rules.

Players will aim to beat the dealer with a higher-value hand that doesn’t exceed 21. Cards have face value except for aces, which can be worth one or 11 points (player’s choice). As a result, hand totals can be hard (without an ace) or soft (with an ace). This makes it possible to hit blackjack with an Ace and any card with a value of 10. Blackjack pays out at odds of 3:2. Standard wins (without blackjack) pay double your bet, while winning with insurance will result in payouts of triple the stake.

Ready to learn how to play European Blackjack online? To get started, locate your playing chips at the bottom of the screen, and then use the arrows to choose a chip value between 1 and 200. The beautifully designed playing surface is a green felt table lined with polished wood, which closely resembles that of a land-based casino. Next, select the “Deal” option to prompt the dealing of the cards to you and the dealer. Once the cards are dealt, your two main options are to hit (receive another card) or stand (receive no more cards). There are also a few other ways to play your European Blackjack hand, which are fully explained in the next section.

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European Blackjack Strategy

After receiving your initial two cards, there are a variety of playing options available in European Blackjack Gold. In implementing your European Blackjack strategy, you can use any of the following moves to try to beat the dealer.

Double Down: Want to win more? You have the option to Double your bet and take another card if you have a hand with a hard value of 9, 10, or 11. In this particular European Blackjack online game, you cannot Double Down after Splitting your hand.

Splitting: Split two cards of the same value at a cost equal to your stake. A new blackjack card will be dealt to each hand, increasing your chances of beating the dealer. You can only split once per game, making two hands. If you split a pair of Aces and draw a card with a value of 10, this has a value of 21, not blackjack. The same rule applies to splitting cards with a value of 10 and then drawing an Ace.

Insurance: If the dealer’s first card is an Ace, you can take insurance against the dealer getting Blackjack at the cost of half your bet. If the dealer has Blackjack, the insurance bet pays out at odds of 2:1. If the dealer doesn’t have Blackjack, the insurance bet is deducted from your balance.

Re-bet: This feature essentially puts the game on autopilot, placing the same bet on your behalf for as many rounds as you want. The benefit of Rebet is that you don’t need to select your chips each time you want to play a round of blackjack.

Another useful European Blackjack strategy is to use a European Blackjack chart available on the web, which will help you decide when the best time is to Hit, Stand, Double, or Split based on your hand.

Mobile Online Blackjack at its Best

You can access European Blackjack Gold at JackpotCity Casino using any web browser or through our mobile casino app on your Android or iOS device. But whether players install the JackpotCity Casino app or choose to play through their browser, they can expect the same great user experience every time!

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Putting Your Safety and Security First

JackpotCity Casino is licensed which sets the highest industry standards for gambling regulations. Our casino is also certified by eCOGRA, which is an independent testing agency for online gaming regulation and assurance. We also use SSL encryption to protect your personal information and all financial transactions through our reputable merchants and third-party providers. JackpotCity’s responsible gambling policy allows players to put deposit limits on their accounts or self-exclude themselves should they wish to take a break from our casino.

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European Blackjack Gold Game Guide

Lifelike table similar to a land-based casino!

One of the most popular games on our site! We rate it a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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