Real™ Blackjack with James Game Guide

Single hand blackjack game

House edge is low.

Mobile friendly

Game can be played on any device.

Distinctive bonus feature

Card Charlie rule gets an automatic win.

Superior visuals

Video technology lends a realistic quality.

Very low volatility

Expect to win frequently with low payouts.

Real™ Blackjack with James at JackpotCity

Real™ Blackjack with James offers a unique gaming experience in which laid-back South African James plays the role of dealer in a realistic table game setting at Jackpot City’s online casino games in Canada. With a payout percentage of 99.51%, this low volatility game includes the distinctive 6 Card Charlie feature, which comes with a tantalizing 800 as the maximum potential win. The game’s cinematic visuals and James’s calm demeanour are sure to make this a game players will want to return to.

Real Blackjack – The Rules of the Game

Based on a six-deck card shoe, this is a single hand blackjack game in which the cards are reshuffled before each round. All the familiar Blackjack rules apply. You’ll be dealt two cards, both face-up, while the dealer gets two, with one face-down. This is a no-hole game, so the dealer only receives the second card once your hand is complete.

Choose to Stand (refuse another card), Hit (request another card), or Double down (double your bet and receive another card). The highest value hand wins, provided it is 21 or as close to 21 as possible and doesn’t exceed 21. Bets will be returned if you tie with the dealer.

Hit Blackjack when you’re dealt an Ace and a 10 value card to be awarded a payout of 3:2. Hands can be soft when they contain an Ace and any card other than a 10 value, or hard when they don’t contain an Ace. Aces can be valued at 1 or 11. The dealer must stand on all 17s.

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Advanced Betting Geatures

Enjoy time-honoured features in this online blackjack game, along with its distinctive 6 Card Charlie rule:

Double: If you have a hand with a hard value of 9 to 11, you can choose to double your bet, take another card, or stand. You can double down on any two initial cards.

Split: Splitting enables you to increase your chances of beating the dealer by splitting two cards of the same denomination into two hands. A bet of the same value is placed on each hand, with a new card dealt to each of them, and each hand is played individually. A pair of Aces gets one card for each Ace, but you can’t draw again. A 10 value card dealt to one of these Aces awards the bet, not 3:2. In this game, you can split once per round.

Insurance: At a cost of half your bet, you’re given the option of insuring against a dealer Blackjack if their first card is an Ace. You win 2:1 if the dealer gets Blackjack. If they don’t, the bet comes off your balance.

6 Card Charlie: Win up to 800x your bet automatically if you reach a hand of six cards without exceeding 21.

How to Play Real™ Blackjack with James

If you aren’t a registered player at JackpotCity Casino, click “Sign up” on the website and follow the prompts. Once logged in, select "Online Blackjack" in the Casino lobby and find Real Blackjack with James, or you can use the search bar to find the game. When the game has launched, choose your chip size, place a bet, and then hit “Deal” to start a round. Bets start at $1, and the table limit is $200.

Play Online Blackjack for Real Money on your Mobile

Using dynamic scaling, Premier Blackjack with James will adapt to the screen size of your device automatically. This means that you can play online blackjack in Canada for real money at home or while you’re out and about, using your preferred device. The game can be accessed on the JackpotCity Casino website via a web browser or from the iOS and Android-compatible mobile app, which contains all your favourite JackpotCity Casino online games.

Looking to play more online blackjack in Canada? If it’s impressive visuals you’re after, Switch Atlantic City Blackjack is another blackjack game at JackpotCity Casino that boasts smooth animation and flawless design. Try it out and take advantage of insurance and late surrender in this player-friendly game.

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Safe and Secure Blackjack Games

JackpotCity Casino is a safe and secure gaming destination. It’s certified by the independent testing agency, eCOGRA, so you can be assured that the rules of the industry will be enforced.

The range of payment methods available to you are only the most trusted and secure. In addition, encryption technology is used to keep your personal information safely stored. All these measures are put in place so that you can have an enjoyable online gaming experience, free of security concerns.

Responsible gaming is a central tenet at Jackpot City Casino. Remember to take regular breaks and play for entertainment only. If you are concerned about your gambling behaviour, take the self-assessment test downloadable from the JackpotCity Casino website and read about our self-exclusion and deposit limit options. A support team is on hand to assist if you choose to make use of these tools.

Real™ Blackjack with James Game Guide

Game can be played on any device.

One of our most popular games! We rate it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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