Perfect Strategy Blackjack Game Guide

Strategy prompt suggests the perfect move

Ideal for beginners who are still learning blackjack.

Extremely low volatility

Payout percentage of 99.91%.

Don’t just Hit or Stand

Opt to Split, Double or Insure your hand.

Play for big or small stakes

Set your bet size between 1 and 200.

Play multiple hands simultaneously

Up to 3 betting spots available per round.

Perfect Strategy Blackjack with JackpotCity Casino

Experience next-level online gaming with Perfect Strategy Blackjack, an exciting casino title introduced by Microgaming and Switch Studios. This player-friendly blackjack variant merges fast-paced play with actionable advice, helping your blackjack decision-making in real-time. Its engaging blend of strategy and fast action presents the perfect training ground for playing blackjack at mobile casinos. Perfect Strategy Blackjack will help improve your game, and get you ready to apply what you’ve learned. So give it a whirl at JackpotCity Casino in Canada and find out why this game is causing such a stir!

All About Perfect Strategy Blackjack

Perfect Strategy Blackjack swaps the classic green baize card table for a burgundy-coloured one that fades into black, apt for a stylish game with such a powerful main feature. The game closely follows traditional Blackjack rules, where players must get a higher-value hand than the dealer (without exceeding a total of 21) in order to win.

Once the cards have been dealt, your two main choices are to hit (ask for another card) or stand, in which case you’ll receive no more cards. If your first card is an Ace and your second card’s value is lower than 10, your hand is regarded as soft, meaning your Ace can count as an 11 or a 1. A Ace-less hand is deemed to be hard. Consequently, if you’re dealt an Ace and a second card with a value of 10, you hit blackjack. This is an automatic win that pays out at 3:2.

Many blackjack players rely on blackjack perfect strategy charts to achieve the best play, but Perfect Strategy Blackjack does away with this need. Once the cards are dealt, the Strategy Prompt will appear, suggesting the statistically strongest blackjack move to make. Following these recommendations won’t only help you make the best possible moves but also teach you how to be a better blackjack player.

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Blackjack Betting Techniques to Ace Your Game

Depending on your blackjack strategy, there are a wide range of betting techniques available in Perfect Strategy Blackjack. Luckily, many of these will be suggested to you when playing the game. Furthermore, enabling AutoPlay can even allow these decisions to be made automatically, bolstering your blackjack perfect strategy practice.

Strategy Prompt: This appears every time a player's decision is required. It helps players by suggesting the statistically best move option in any given scenario.

AutoPlay: This feature uses the perfect blackjack strategy card to make the best move for you in any given scenario. When two actions are possible, AutoPlay uses the first option in the blackjack perfect strategy chart. If the first action is not possible, AutoPlay will take the second option, and so on.

Multi-Hand: There are three betting spots available for each round, allowing you to play up to three hands at once if you wish to.

Double Down: You have the option to Double your bet and take another card on a hard 9, 10, or 11. In Perfect Strategy Blackjack, you cannot Double Down after a Split.

Splitting: You can opt to Split two cards of the same value at a cost equal to your initial bet. Each hand is then dealt a new card, increasing your chances of winning.

Insurance: If the dealer’s first card is an Ace, you can take insurance against the dealer getting Blackjack at the cost of half your bet. If the dealer has Blackjack, the insurance bet pays out at odds of 2:1. If the dealer doesn’t have Blackjack, the insurance bet is deducted from your balance as a loss.

Caution Prompt: This feature can help improve blackjack decision-making by warning players when they make strategically poor blackjack moves. For example, a player attempting to Stand on 11 or below or choosing to Hit on 17 or above will initiate a Caution Prompt in the game.

How to Play Perfect Strategy Blackjack

Getting started with Perfect Strategy Blackjack couldn’t be simpler. First, you’ll need to register an account with JackpotCity Casino. Once that’s done, you can top up your bankroll with one of our quick and easy payment methods and head on over to our games lobby, where you’ll find the game you’re looking for in the Blackjack section.

Launch it, locate your chips at the bottom of the screen, and use the arrows to choose your preferred chip value. Next, push the “Deal” button. Your first two cards and the dealer’s cards will be dealt, and you can start the game. At the start of each round, you’ll be given advice on how to act based on blackjack theory and statistics.

Choose JackpotCity for a Seamless Mobile Casino Experience

Why not take the fun of the casino home with you? All JackpotCity table games, including the fantastic Perfect Strategy Blackjack, are optimized for all devices, so you can enjoy them on your desktop or mobile, whenever you want, wherever you are! You can also keep Canada’s best online casino games at your fingertips with the JackpotCity mobile casino app, which is available on iOS and Android devices. The quality is the same across all platforms.

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Unmatched Safety Measures at JackpotCity Casino

JackpotCity Casino operates under a license and is also certified by eCOGRA, a gaming commission dedicated to ensuring fairness and security in online gaming. We also use SSL encryption technology to protect our players transactions and ensure their personal information is safe with us. Players can also rest assured that JackpotCity Casino takes responsible gambling seriously and has the option to self-impose account measures such as deposit limits and self-exclusion to help protect them.

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Perfect Strategy Blackjack Game Guide

Ideal for beginners who are still learning blackjack..

One of our highly acclaimed, fan favorite games! We give it a shiny 4,5 out of 5.

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