Switch Atlantic City Blackjack Game Guide

Hole card game

Dealer checks for blackjack on 10s and Aces.

Stand on 18

Dealer must stand on all 17s, including soft.

Late surrender

Player may surrender their bet to mitigate losses.

Mobile friendly

Visuals adapt to screen size.

Very low volatility

Wins, while small, are frequent.

Switch Atlantic City Blackjack with JackpotCity Casino

Switch Studios does it again with this exciting update of a Microgaming classic online blackjack game, Atlantic City Blackjack. Incorporating the latest technology and advances in mobile and desktop game design, Switch Atlantic City Blackjack can now be enjoyed at JackpotCity’s online casino games.

Featuring all the standard side bets – double down, insurance, splits, and late surrender – this crowd favourite has a new lease on life with its polished visuals, smooth animations, and realistic sounds. Built on a new game-engine, players now have the choice of enjoying this online blackjack game on desktop or mobile, in portrait or landscape views.

Rules Of The Game

Seasoned online blackjack players and anyone familiar with Atlantic City Blackjack will find few surprises in the rules of this game. It’s played with eight 52-card decks, which puts the house edge at around 0.40%. As a hole card game, the dealer gets to peek at 10 value cards and Aces.

You’re dealt two cards, both face-up, and the dealer also gets two cards, with one facing down. The aim is to reach 21 or as close as you can get to it, and have a higher value hand than the dealer. Exceeding 21 is to go bust or lose. Based on the values of your two cards and what you predict the dealer holds, you’ll elect to Hit, which means you get a new card, or Stand, which is not to request a new card. The dealer must stand on 17, meaning they can draw until their hand value is 17, but not beyond.

Hands can be “soft” or “hard”. A soft hand is one containing an ace and any card other than a 10 value. You can opt to value the ace at one or 11. A hard hand is one without an ace. Basic Blackjack strategy dictates that you should always hit if you hold a hard hand of 8 or less and always stand if you have 17 or more. In a soft hand of ace-eight or ace-nine, it’s always best to stand.

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A Variety of Advanced Betting Options

Assess your betting options based on these features:

Double down: Doubling down involves increasing your bet by 100% and taking another card in an attempt to make a winning hand. Use this option if you believe your hand has a good chance of beating the dealer. If your hand totals 11, it’s a good time to double down. If you have a hard hand of 9 or 10 and the dealer shows a low value card, you should also use this strategy. In this game, you can double down on any two cards after a split.

Split: Two identical value cards can be split, creating two hands that are played individually. You can also split, unlike 10 value cards. Switch Atlantic City Blackjack allows you to split hands three times, giving you more chances to try to beat the dealer. Each hand takes a card from the original hand, and a bet of the same size as the original is placed. If you have a pair of Aces, you’ll receive one card per hand, but you won’t be able to draw again. Receiving a 10 value card with an Ace wins a payout equal to the bet, not Blackjack. Use this strategy when you have pairs, eights, or aces, but not when you have 10s or fives.

Insurance: This feature comes into play when the dealer’s first card is an Ace. Place a bet of half the value of your original bet to insure against the dealer getting Blackjack. This feature only covers your original hand, not hands from a split or double down. If the dealer doesn’t have Blackjack, the bet amount is deducted from your credit and removed from the table. If the dealer gets Blackjack, the payout is at a ratio of 2:1.

Late Surrender: Surrender can be used on only the first two cards dealt, and it comes into play after the dealer has checked for Blackjack and insurance bets are settled. When you choose to surrender, you’ll forfeit half your bet amount, and you’ll be excluded from the game until the next draw. This feature can be useful when you believe you don’t have a good hand, and it can be used to recoup possible losses. Late Surrender is recommended when your hand totals 15 or 16 and the dealer’s is at 9 or higher.

How to Play Switch Atlantic City Blackjack

To try your hand at this engaging online casino game, register as a player on the JackpotCity Casino website, log in to your new account, and find Switch Atlantic City Blackjack in the Blackjack lobby. Place a bet by moving the chip on your screen to the appropriate area. Then press “Deal” to start playing. Bets range from $1 to $200.

Available on Any Device

Good news for those of us who are always on the move: Playing Switch Atlantic City Blackjack for real money no longer means being tethered to a desktop PC or similar hardware. The game has been specifically designed to perform flawlessly on both desktop and mobile devices and in either landscape or portrait views. Find it using your preferred browser, or download the mobile app, compatible with both iOS and Android, to have this and other online casino games available whenever the urge to play hits.

For a more player-friendly online blackjack experience, give Switch Vegas Downtown Blackjack a go. It’s played on four decks, and you get to Split, Double, and Re-split. One for the multi-taskers, Switch Multi Hand Classic Blackjack lets you play up to five hands at once! There’s something for every kind of online casino gamer at JackpotCity Casino.

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Ensuring Safety and Security

Ensuring an enjoyable gaming experience is not only about creating a user-friendly environment and offering a variety of quality games. It’s also about making sure that players are shielded from fraudulent activity and unfair gaming.

JackpotCity Casino achieves this by being a regulated gaming outlet and certified by eCOGRA for offering safe and fair play. SSL encryption is used to keep your personal information safe, and only trusted and secure banking options are made available.

Responsible gaming is a priority at JackpotCity and as such, you are encouraged to play responsibly, keep an eye on your gaming behaviour, and make use of the support team when necessary, who can help you choose a self-exclusion period or set a deposit limit.

Switch Atlantic City Blackjack Game Guide

A dealer peeks game offering a surrender option!

One of the most popular games on our site! We rate it a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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