Mini Roulette Gold Game Guide

Compact roulette

Trimmed down roulette table with 13 numbers.

Quick game play

No waiting around with fast play features.

Simple betting

Only straight up, column and even-money bets.

Universally adaptive

Available on any device or platform.

Useful info

Payouts for each bet type are listed in Paytable.

Looking for a simplified version of traditional roulette? Mini Roulette Gold has the solution with only 13 numbers on the wheel, cutting down on the amount of betting options.

Mini Roulette Gold with JackpotCity Casino

Only straight, column, and even-money bets are available, making for easier decisions and faster games. With fewer numbers on the mini roulette table, you stand a better chance of winning straight up bets. AutoPlay and Turbo features enhance the overall experience. Experience this refreshing, compact casino game online at JackpotCity.

Mini Roulette Rules

Mini Roulette Gold offers players a simpler way to play online roulette in Canada. Instead of 37 numbers, a mini roulette table has just 13, with a column of six black numbers, a column of six red numbers, and a single zero position. The purpose of the game is to bet on the outcome of a spin of the mini roulette wheel. The betting range is limited to straight up, column, and even-money bets, but the odds of winning a straight-up bet are more favourable than in regular roulette. That said, there’s also a higher chance of the ball landing on zero. On the plus side, the limited betting selection speeds up the decision-making process.

Don’t just go in all guns blazing: you need to consider some strategies for a better chance of winning consistently over the long term. The Martingale System was formulated by French mathematician Paul Pierre Levy in the 18th century and is a favourite mini roulette strategy. Every time you lose a bet, double your wager on the next spin until you eventually win. It is important to note that a decent-sized bankroll is necessary to play this strategy effectively. The Parlay system is similar, except you double down on even-money wins.

As with all roulette variants, it’s important to avoid making contradictory bets. In other words, don’t place bets that cancel each other out, like putting your chips on Red and Black at the same time.

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Bets and Features

Mini Roulette Gold offers the following betting options on the mini roulette table. Although there are no Racetrack or Special bet options, there are enough choices to keep players coming back for more action. The simplified approach makes for fast rounds, while the game is perfectly suited to mobile devices due to its simple, yet effective interface and compact design.

  • Straight Up: Place a wager on a single number from 0-12 to potentially win a payout of 11:1.
  • Column Bet: Place a wager on either LO, MID or HI, which provides a payout of 2:1. This spreads the risk by covering more of the roulette table.
  • Even Money Bet: This is a wager that the winning number will be Red, Black, 1-6, or 7-12 for a potential payout of 1:1. This offers you the most coverage across the board, but with the biggest sacrifice in odds.
  • X2 button: This doubles your current bet on the grid.

How to Play Mini Roulette Gold

JackpotCity’s website is where it’s all happening for mini roulette players in Canada. You’ll need to create a profile when you sign up, then decide on what methods are most suitable for you to deposit money into your account. When that’s all sorted, click on the Casino Games menu in the games lobby and look up Mini Roulette Gold. Choose your chip size, place your chips where you want them to go and press “Spin” to set the mini roulette wheel in motion.

Mini Roulette Gold comes with several features designed to enhance your gaming experience. These include an Autoplay button that enables you to select up to 100 automatic rebets and a Quickspin button for an even faster spin rate. These features do not influence the results of the spin in any way.

Play Mini Roulette Gold on Any Mobile Device

All the games at JackpotCity Casino are seamlessly adaptive to all platforms, but Mini Roulette Gold is especially suited to mobile play, thanks to its compact design. Play the game anywhere you are on any mobile device, either on your browser or directly on your home screen via our mobile app.

If Mini Roulette is a little too simple for your tastes, why not broaden your horizons with Real™ Christmas Roulette? Join pro dealer George in a cozy cabin for interactive virtual game play that’s sure to get you in the festive spirit! For a less seasonal but equally professional experience, Real™ Roulette with Bailey takes you to a private European roulette table, where your bubbly personal dealer Bailey is always ready to give you her undivided attention

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Play Mini Roulette in a Secure Environment

At JackpotCity Casino, we are committed to providing a safe and secure platform that promotes fair play. All of our games enjoy the eCOGRA stamp of approval. For added peace of mind, we use SSL encryption technology to always protect your personal information. Our convenient payment methods are also completely secure; choose from Visa, MasterCard, eCheck, paysafecard, Neosurf, INSTADEBIT, iDebit, and more.

As a staunch supporter of responsible gaming, JackpotCity Casino provides players with access to a range of responsible gaming tools. These range from online self-tests to deposit and loss limits, time-outs, and self-exclusion. Support is available from our help desk via email or live chat.

Mini Roulette Game Guide

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One of our most sought-after releases! We give it a 4 out of 5.

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