Play Ireland’s Best Online Casino Video Poker

The core of traditional Poker is brought to the fore in online Video Poker, and JackpotCity Casino is where you can find the best available to Irish players. See if you can win real money by forming the best hands you possibly can – you never know; a Royal Flush may be a draw away!

The difference between the traditional game and the innovative games that first originated in the 1970s, when video tech was first combined with casino games, is that Video Poker is a single-player game. There are no other players at the table, and there are no dealers. It is just you, the cards, and the paytable.

This means you do not need to worry about different betting stages or about other hand that could eliminate you from the round. Of all games, this is one of the best for players who want to enjoy a bit of me-time without missing out on opportunities to win.

Feel Microgaming’s Power

The online Video Poker at JackpotCity is powered by Microgaming, a software provider whose reputation for quality is known far and wide. You get nothing less than casino games that look good, are easy to play, function perfectly in browser, are compatible with mobile devices for mobile games, and produce results that are certified fair and accurate. Play games on the go such as Mobile slots, Mobile video poker, Mobile Roulette and so much more.

What’s more – and this is evident when you play at our casino online – you also get variety. We boast what is arguably Ireland’s finest selection of Video Poker games. You can find just about anything and everything, from basic 3-card draw games to 5-card games with bonus payouts, multiple rounds or hands, special bets, and other great features.


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Playing 3-Card Video Poker

The simplest of all the games are those based on the traditional 3-card draw. You are dealt 3 cards when you click the play button after placing your opening bet.

Your only option is to consider the hand in front of you, and then to either raise or fold. To raise means to play your hand and to fold means to quit the round. Quick and easy, 3-card titles offer you chances to pack a whole lot of action into shorter gaming sessions.


5-Card Game Thrills

Titles based on the 5-card draw at our online casino offer you another level of thrills and suspense. Rather than simply giving you the raise/fold option, you can enjoy the additional step of drawing new cards before your hand is compared with the paytable.

You will be dealt 5 cards after placing your opening bet. Any cards that form a paytable hand will be held automatically. If there are any cards in your hand you want to keep, select them. Click the draw button once you have made your selection, and new cards will then replace the cards you have not selected. The hand that results from the draw will then be compared with the paytable, and you will find out if you have won.


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Easy Online Casino Winnings

5-card online Video Poker titles offer you greater scope for winnings – and for bigger casino online payouts. There is no way you could form a Royal Flush with only 3 cards. However, it is possible in 5-card games, and if you are lucky or skilful enough to put one down on the table, you win the top payout for the bet-level at which you played.

The good news is that, while Flushes, Royal or otherwise, are not all that common, most of our Video Poker games pay out for a pair of Jacks or better. Discover the thrills of these and other casino games such as Blackjack and Roulette at an online casino that Ireland loves. Play at JackpotCity.

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