Live Dream Catcher: The Live Dealer Online Casino Game

At JackpotCity we pride ourselves in bringing you the widest range of games from the biggest names in the casino industry. Whether you are looking for online slots, Roulette, Blackjack online or instant win games, you can find it all right here. For players in Ireland who want a more intimate experience, we also offer an extensive range of Live Dealer Games powered by Evolution Gaming.

As opposed to online slots or other electronic games such as Scratch Cards, live dealer games use real tables, real cards and real dealers to produce real time results right before your eyes.

At JackpotCity online casino one of the most popular live dealer games is Live Dream Catcher. For those who are new to this game, it is a Money Wheel game similar to those found in the centre of the gaming floor at the biggest land-based casinos. Fast, fun and energetic, this option is ideal for anyone looking for a really good time!

The Money Wheel with Big Win Opportunities

Most players have an idea that live dealer games are limited to card and table options like Blackjack or Poker. The truth is, live games encompass many different types of entertainment, as well as TV-style games like Dream Catcher. As a Money Wheel game, the setup includes a large round wheel that is placed upright in the studio. The wheel is divided into wedges with each wedge representing a different number.

The way it is set up makes it possible for multiple players to all play at the same time. The software includes a virtual betting platform with multiple video feeds showing the wheel, the dealer and the point at which the number stops.

Choosing a Bet Multiplier Number

Once you have logged in, you can start betting straight away. As with many other live dealer online casino games, there are multiple betting options in Dream Catcher.

The numbered wedges on the wheel represent the different betting options. The numbers include 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40. At the start of each round you can place a bet on one or more numbers on the wheel. The numbers represent a multiplier which is then added to your total bet amount. For example, you may want to place a €10 bet on the number 20. If the wheel comes to a stop and the pointer is facing 20, you will be paid out 20 times bet amount or €200. Similarly, a €10 bet on the number 50 will pay out a hefty €500.

It is at this point that players ask, why not just bet on the largest number all the time? In many ways Dream Catcher is like Roulette in that you have to weigh up the risk versus the reward. While larger numbers pay out more, they appear less frequently on the wheel. Looking at the wheel, you will notice that there are a lot more of the smaller number wedges, giving you a higher chance to win but a smaller amount.

Bonus Wedges and Game Strategies

The Dream Catcher wheel also has two bonus wedges. These work as independent multipliers with a 5x and 7x multiplier and a re-spin attached. If the wheel lands on these wedges, the wheel is spun again and the multiplier is linked to whatever bet you have in place. Theoretically, if you bet on the number 50 and the wheel lands on the 7x multiplier, you could win up to 350x your total bet amount.

Dream Catcher is one of those rare online casino games where fun and risk come in equal measures. It is the ideal entertainment for Irish casino enthusiasts who want to expand their gaming repertoire and stand a chance of winning big. And what better place to play than at JackpotCity? Games such as Dreamcatcher can be played on your mobile device such as I phone, android, I pad etc.

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