Your Guide to Anderthals


Source: Microgaming

If you like to play online pokies with a sense of fun, then the cartoon-like design of Anderthals is likely to suit you down to the ground. The game is one of the latest generation of online casino slots from Just For The Win. To begin with, the game features two cave dwellers, Andy and Annie, the Anderthals the pokie is named after. It features a colourful design and an amusing soundtrack that makes the whole prehistoric theme work very well. Given that it also offers a lively playing pace, many players who are new to online pokies are likely to find it suits them perfectly.

More experienced online slot players are likely to be attracted by the game's return to player (RTP) rate which is well over 96 per cent. That is a good percentage and demonstrates exactly why many people will keep returning to the game. Furthermore, the five by four reel configuration allows for no fewer than 40 different paylines, too. As such, there are numerous ways you can win with every turn you take with Anderthals. What other features does the game offer?

Anderthals – a Feature-Rich Pokie

The caveman theme of Anderthals does not mean that it is in any way old-fashioned with its in-game features. Following a spin, if you see two or more feature symbols on the resulting screen, then you will activate one of the game's additional chances to win. The 'Free Spins' symbol offers you bonus turns. When activated you can expect eight extra spins and this will rise even further if you see more symbols of the same type.

Another cool feature is the instant cash prizes that are on offer. These symbols are marked as either '1X Bet' or '2X Bet' which means you will be awarded up to twice your initial stake. The 'Expanding Wild' feature is conventional with this sort of casino slot and will fill the entire reel. 'Extra Wilds', on the other hand, are merely added to the relevant reel. If that is not enough for you, then there are also 'Wild Multipliers' you can take advantage of. These will augment the feature spot by a multiple of either two or three.

Playing Anderthals

Overall, the gaming experience with Anderthals is a light-hearted one. The slot's two main characters seem perfectly amiable in the cave while they chill out by the fire following a long day in the company of their pet T-Rex. This is a high volatility game which offers some action every five spins on average. As such, you shouldn't expect to open up a feature with the frequency of other online pokies. That said, when you do, there are plenty of chances to win big. After all, every spin you play with Anderthals could lead to a prize that is well over 2,000 times your original stake! Lots of players will like to try their luck with it for that reason alone.

One of the key things to remember when trying to maximise your chances of winning is to get at least two feature symbols of the same type so you can access one of the game's bonus features. Players should bear in mind that the highest win per line will pay out. In other words, not all of them do if multiple wins are possible. Simultaneous wins on different lines are added up, however, so this is no real hardship! When a wild symbol is substituted for anything other than a feature symbol, Anderthals will pay the highest possible winning combination on a line – more good news for players. All in all, Anderthals has something to attract every kind of player no matter what their preference usually happens to be.

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