Android Influence On Gaming


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The digital gaming world has gone through many shifts and phases over the years, starting off as something mainly aimed at hobbyists, and landing up as a multi billion-dollar industry. There have, of course, been many major milestones that got digital gaming to where it is today, and a person could all but write a set of encyclopaedias chronicling this evolution. Here, however, we will take a closer look at how the Android operating system played its part.

Android is, of course, the operating system used primarily for mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. A large part of the mobile device industry uses the Android operating system, so it stands to reason that it has had a major impact on the digital world in general. In particular, however, Android has had a pretty major impact on mobile gaming, including the online casino industry.Let’s take a closer look.

Major Shift To Mobile

As of late, the mobile game industry has all but exploded to astonishing degrees, with even major game developers releasing mobile versions of their games. Mobile devices cannot truly compete with the big name consoles or PC game industry, but have certainly carved out a big casual market. Simple but addictive games like the infamous Candy Crush Saga earn millions on a yearly basis, meaning that mobile games are certainly not to be taken lightly.

This shift to mobile games was, however, thanks very much to the Android operating system, and what it allowed game developers to do. That is to say, the Android operating system made mobile devices a great deal more accessible, and so a great deal more inviting to develop for.

But what was it that made Android so inviting?

Open Development Platform

One of the key things that initially drew developers to Android was the fact that the operating system was, and still is, open source. This meant that virtually anyone could develop for it, without any restrictions. As far as developing games goes, there couldn’t be a more perfect platform.

The operating system used in Apple devices is not open source, and so a great deal more difficult and challenging to develop for. Today, a great many developers release software on the Apple operating system, but it was Android that got the ball steadily rolling.

Online Casino Game Friendly

It wasn’t just that Android was open that made it so appealing, but that the platform allowed for real money casino games, which was a major leap forward for mobile devices in general. Today, many associate online casino games with mobile devices, and this was largely thanks to Android systems allowing real money play.

The online casino game industry has exploded, and is currently rapidly expanding. And, the fact that such games can be played on mobile devices can be traced back to the Android operating system. Although, of course, mobile casino games are also available on the Apple operating system. Next time you are playing online roulette on a mobile device, however, keep in mind that Android is partly to thank for this being possible.

More Players Than Ever Before

It has been said that the time we live in is a golden era for digital games, which is certainly difficult to dispute. More people play digital games today than ever before, and this can only mean one thing: the gaming industry is going to continue to rapidly expand.

But why are there more gamers than ever before? Partly because the Android operating system has made it so easy for the average person to play games that it is difficult to find a person who has not at least played a basic smartphone game. Even a person not considering himself or herself a gaming enthusiast can play a casual game on their mobile device. In short, the Android operating system has made games more accessible than they have ever been.

Plus, of course, such a situation works both ways. It is also now easier than ever before for developers to enter the industry.

More Developers Than Ever Before

Making digital games is no easy task, especially when you are up against companies that can easily spend tens of millions developing a game. But, as already said, the Android operating system is open source, which means that anyone can take a crack at making a game. The distribution of the game will also be widespread and easy, with universal distribution systems like Google Play being largely to thank. Small teams are able to create mobile-based games that have a good chance of success, and this would not be possible without Android, and it’s the enormous level of adoption it has achieved globally. It can be said that it has never been easier to be a small-scale digital game developer with so many avenues of potential success.

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