Why Jacks Or Better Remains The Most Popular Form Of Video Poker

Video poker games represent the transition from the old school mechanical slot machines to the modern era of digital gaming.

Now in this new information age where online casino games are becoming the norm, video poker games are still immensely popular.

Of the games available, Jacks or Better has reigned the undisputed king. Lets look at some reasons why.

1.Great For Mobile Or Desktop Play

Jacks or Better is a great game for mobile players because of its simple interface. It works great on mobile screens as well as 40 inch desktop monitors.

You can easily play this game on the go with only one hand free. As mobile casino games become more popular, Jacks or Better is sure to be popular for a lot longer.

2.It Can Be Played For Free

Jacks or Better can be played with free or real money. You can easily get some practice in before you switch to making wagers with real money.

This is a great way to familiarise yourself with a game. This way you can find your favourite version of the game before you start spending your money.

3.An Excellent Beginner Poker Game

Jacks or Better is a great way to learn about the different values and compositions of poker hands.

It is also a fun game for beginners as you do not have to compete with other players. The game focuses on your hand and the odds attached to attaining that hand.

4.A Good Return To Player Value

Jacks or Better titles are made by a variety of developers but the theoretical return to player on almost all these games hovers above 99%.

This makes the game a great value play and also ensures its popularity with all level of players.

5.You Can Make Use Of Strategic Play

Jacks or Better is one of the few online casino games that you can actually play strategically. Because the games are purely based on the value of your drawn hand, strategy can be easily employed.

You won’t have to consider other people’s hands and choices so there are a lot fewer variables to take into account. Online you will be able to find easy to use guides that set out what you must do in what situation.

These strategy guides do not ensure wins, instead they help shift the odds in your favour in the long run, since you will be using smart wager strategies.

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