Why Are Casino Games In Movies?

If you’ve been watching movies for any length of time, you may have noticed that many of them use casino games as a central focus. And this is up to and beyond the classic James Bond scenes that revolve around roulette wheels. So what exactly is the Hollywood obsession with games of chance, which has existed almost since movies were invented?

There are a number of reasons that casino games and movies are a match made in heaven, not in the least because they are individually based around very similar concepts in terms of entertainment. Let’s have a closer look, and learn more about why these two seemingly unrelated activities fit together so well.

Emotional Stimulation

The one and only reason that movies exist is because they stimulate emotions. That and an excuse to eat loads of popcorn. Movies are designed and created to stir emotions in viewers, using stories, characters and sometimes fast paced action. A viewer going into a cinema walks out with nothing in return, except the pleasure of having been taken on an emotional journey. That’s a rather extraordinary thing, especially when you consider that entertainment, of this particular nature, is the only form of financial exchange that give nothing but emotional stimulation.

Casino games are similar in many ways to movies. Except, of course, that casino games are also about the chance of winning money. The major appeal of casino games, however, is that they offer an enormous fluctuation in emotions. Casino games are often thrilling; pulse pounding affairs, and the reason that many choose to play them. A game such as online roulette, for example, can have players holding their breath, jumping up and down for joy, or sagging in defeat. There are few other games that equal roulette in being an emotional roller coaster.

 Casino Games As a Plot Device

It stands to reason then that games which are so enthralling by design, like casino games, would make perfect additions to film plots. And they do. Many movies are based around exciting casino games because of the natural levels of excitement they inject into the plot. It’s almost as if the two were made to go together. What could be more exciting, after all, than a movie based around a game that is the very essence of pulse pounding?

In a movie, excitement comes from events, and how they impact the characters. It is the movies job to create emotional connection to those characters, and so have the audience care about what happens to them. If putting those beloved characters into exciting situations, the audience can share in the emotional situations that occur. After all, one can be excited for a friend who may win a great deal of money in a casino game, can’t they? Or, be sad for them should they lose a great deal of money. Either way, it’s going to be emotional, and emotions are what it’s all about.

A Match Made In Heaven

And so movie creators realised the potential, and movies based around casino games began to be released by the dozens. So many movies have been made with casino games as a central theme, in fact, that it’s almost impossible to keep track of all of them. From the well loved classic The Sting, featuring Paul Newman and Robert Redford as a pair of small time hustlers, to more recent films such as Casino Royale, in which James Bond is once again faced with deadly casino game situations.

So, ever since the idea came about of making movies based around casino games, there has been no end to them, and every one rides high on the benefit of having a casino as its core premise. Regardless of the rest of the movie, the casino games featured did their part to raise emotions and get the blood pumping.

A Reversal Of Positions?

With that being said, what about a reverse of the situations, where movies added flavour to casino games, as opposed to the other way around?

Many versions of slot games use movies as an art theme, borrowing aspects of the film in order to bring colour to the slot game art design. And in this way it can be said that the two mediums are often very fluid. Many slot games do, after all, owe much of their success to the fact that they are related to a popular movie.

But what if a casino game had added drama and context, having a plot or story of some kind introduced, and so bringing a different level of interaction? Many casino games have been converted into video games, or are a part of a broader video game, which can be seen as a form of movies and casino games coming together. Its doubtful that a casino game will ever have an entire movie plot introduced into it, for obvious reasons, but it still goes to show how dynamically related the two forms of entertainment are.

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