What Is Casino Streaming All About?

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While casino streaming may not be entirely new, for online casino Canada viewers it’s now more common and more popular than was once the case. There are a number of reasons why this might be so. Technological improvements, for example, now make it easier to reach mass audiences, and the success of a number of streamers with a variety of different approaches has sent out a message that anyone can have a go. So here’s a bit of background on casino streaming for those who may be thinking of going in this direction, or perhaps are just curious to know what it’s all about.

What sort of rig do you need to start streaming casino games?

This is a big question, and the answer has to delve into a little technology. For a start, you need a computer rig powerful enough to handle the task of streaming on a platform such as Twitch. That usually means a multi-core processor (e.g. i7 920) with a minimum of 8GB of RAM. As regards Internet connectivity, it’s best to use a wired connection between your PC and router for streaming to avoid glitches and dropouts. You’ll need upload and download speeds of 5Mbit/s each to guarantee you can stream at a minimum resolution of 720p. To do the job properly, you’ll also need a standard webcam (e.g. a Logitech C270) plus either a headset or a medium-quality USB microphone (e.g. Blue Yeti).

In terms of accounts and software, you’ll need: a Twitch (or possibly YouTube) account; a casino account (preferably JackpotCity Casino for real money bets); Open Broadcast Software (OBS 64-bit version) to handle the technical streaming of audio and video signals for your casino game action on Twitch; a Streamlabs account in order to display and update data feeds such as Follows, Donations, Hosts etc.; and in addition, you’ll need an on-screen chat facility set up via the NightDev/ KapChat hosted service.

Are there any famous casino streamers out there?

You may be thinking of established slot-playing streamers like Gambler_master, Casinolucker and Mrslothunter who attract thousands of regular viewers.

According to a source like TwitchMetrics, there are a variety of decent channels: ‘slot_v’ heads up the Most Followed listings with 433,942 followers, then ‘chapMAD’ with 65,364. The Most Popular ranking category has ‘PabloGambling’ first on the grid with 6,094 average viewers, then ‘allgamblers’ next with 4,752 average viewers. Highest Peak Viewership features: #1 ‘Terminal_MkII’ (18), then #2 ‘volaplayer’ (14). The Fastest Growing streaming site is ‘ImpulseBTC’ (57 followers), then a German site ‘ep3cg4m3r’ (42 followers). ‘ImpulseBTC’ also takes the Most Watched category (36 viewer hours) followed by ‘xFinnDIESEL’ (29 viewer hours).

The main point is that, as these metrics indicate, this is a sector which is at an early stage of development. So for those keen on getting into streaming, there seems to be an opportunity here to make your mark in a growing community. A fairly common trend among high-ranking streamers is a tendency towards larger stakes. But remember that’s not the same as saying it’s a recipe for success. It might (perhaps) get you noticed, but it won’t keep you flying high in the ratings. Neither, it seems, does a big ‘entertainer’ persona necessarily guarantee you a celebrity billing – some streaming names can even seem a bit mundane.

So there’s a niche opportunity out there for someone with the skills who can also get the on-screen chemistry working in their favour.

What’s the best site for streaming casino games?

When deciding on your choice of streaming platform, you should really think about all this strategically. The genuine platform options for streaming live casino gaming where you’re looking to showcase your gameplay skills are generally considered to be sites like Twitch, Periscope, Younow, YouTube and perhaps even Instagram.

The problem you must think through is how you will get to build a brand. That itself is a process which takes time. But it’s a question too of who you really think would be your target audience, as well as how and where you try to reach out to them. Twitch is a good portal to use simply because it’s known to be focused on gamers and streamers – presumably your desired target group. By contrast, the other platforms mentioned all attract audiences with very different demographics, which would instantly seem to increase the size of the task for anyone setting out and looking to establish themselves.

Can a casino sponsor my stream?

Yes. But casinos don’t provide streamers with any direct finance. What casinos will do is to enter into a partnership (known as an affiliation) with streamers. That means having an affiliate account with an online casino. As a slot streamer you then create affiliate links to the sponsoring casino site and get paid an agreed amount with every sign-up you achieve.

One advantage of this arrangement is that your own viewers will have more confidence in you when they notice you have links with an established casino brand. That, in turn, should give you a head start in building up your own reputation.

Can I earn money through streaming my online casino gameplay?

While many will watch your gameplay, only a fraction of that number will consider tipping and donations. Streamers try strategies such as looking for micropayments etc. but so far it’s difficult to say that streamers generally have cracked this one.

Which casino games should I watch/stream?

Experience to date suggests slots are the strongest and most popular option here. And watching card games such as poker or blackjack is often a good way to observe and pick up on the execution of tactics and strategies.

To stand any chance of building up a following, serious streamers need to adopt a disciplined approach. That means, for example:

– always treating your viewers with respect

– setting up a streaming schedule you observe to the letter

– using good quality hardware to keep up a professional standard

– always including chat to reveal your personality

– offering a broad variety of slots

– including regular prize-winning charity raffles

– thanking all new followers, and always thanking those who make donations.

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