Prime Destinations For Casino Tourism

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For those who live in countries where casinos or gambling generally are restricted by law, playing online casinos in Canada or elsewhere and travelling around the world to visit casinos is something of a means to an end. But casino tourism is not only done to avoid legal restrictions; other travellers may be looking for a luxury experience, and casino gambling may be just part of a more extensive holiday entertainment package. So let’s look at some of those casino-oriented international destinations whose gambling facilities are designed to capture the attention of tourist visitors, while also catering to the needs of gamblers from their domestic market.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Undoubtedly a city dedicated to the casino lifestyle, Las Vegas has a strong claim to be the world’s number one casino tourism destination. Casino connoisseurs visit to see the famous locations where it all began, and the sheer variety of gaming opportunities means they are never disappointed. Las Vegas entrepreneurs realised early that, as well as spectacular, world-famous casinos, tourists also wanted a total holiday experience. So city visitors will find no shortage of accommodation of all kinds alongside top-rated holiday attractions.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

You can’t arrange to visit Monte Carlo without conjuring up thoughts of jet-setting royalty, sleek racing cars, designer clothes and all the other trappings of an opulent millionaire lifestyle. And at the very heart of all this glitz and glamour lies Monte Carlo’s famous casino, a byword for elegant sophistication and an ever-popular playground for the rich and famous. Such iconic images can sometimes be intimidating, but they can also be inspiring. Playing in the Monte Carlo casino might be a little beyond your budget. But just how lucky would you feel sitting in one of the casino restaurants, or even by the poolside, playing some of your favourite online casino games?

Macau, China

Once a city where the colonial rich gathered to gamble in palatial splendour, modern Macau has set its sights on competing toe to toe with the gambling capitals of the world. Even though it cannot yet match the glamour of Monte Carlo, or the sheer extravagance of Las Vegas, Macau is certainly one of Asia’s premier casino cities. Once again, Macau seems to be attracting the rich and famous with its growing reputation for atmospheric gaming environments with high-stakes poker tables and fabulous prize monies. The casinos in Macau are an impressive mix and the city’s accommodation and leisure attractions can meet a traveller’s every need.

Marina Bay, Singapore

Marina Bay Sands is, without doubt, the world’s largest atrium casino. Taking its lead from the finest Las Vegas can offer, this casino features a number of swimming and leisure pool complexes, more than 2,500 bedrooms, a selection of cool night clubs and lots more besides. Marina Bay is a sought-after Asian location which provides the last word in upmarket facilities for the Asian super-rich. Thus, it’s no surprise Marina Bay was chosen as the film location for the recent cult movie, ‘Crazy Rich Asians’. So for fans of ultra-modern casinos with truly stellar features which constantly amaze, the Marina Bay casino just has to be on your list.

Paris, France

If there’s ever been one city that has it all, Paris must be a prime candidate. Just think of the Eiffel Tower and a host of other city attractions. Then there’s all those wonderful museums, theatres, architecture, pavement cafés – the list just goes on and on. And with its reputation as a world destination for the rich and famous, Paris is a city which has always hosted the very best in casino facilities with venues such as the Cercle Haussman and the Aviation Club de France. So if you’re looking for a beautiful city in which to holiday and spend some casino time, make sure Paris is an option.

Paradise Islands and Nassau, Bahamas

Looking for some quality beach time, warm sunshine, tropical fruits and lush banks of vegetation? Then all these holiday must-haves are right there in the Bahamas alongside some great casino facilities. Try a stunning resort complex like the Atlantis Paradise or Nassau’s fabulous Crystal Palace Casino and you’ll start to understand how you really can have it all – wonderful tropical surroundings, a great casino experience, and the very best in holiday fun attractions.

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