Cheating At Casinos – Easy Or Not?

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When it comes to cheating, you better believe that casinos take the prospect very seriously. Real world casino security is, in fact, some of the best in the world, to such an extent that in many cases it is better than bank security. There are networks of cameras at the average real world casino, a team of trained professionals, and a department dedicated entirely to watching players, and ensuring they don’t cheat.

In the online world, website security has reached a point that it is completely uncrackable. Or, so uncrackable as to be beyond a person even trying to crack it, since the process would take more years than the Earth will even be in existence. But why then, are there still reports of people being able to cheat at casinos? Let’s take a closer look at casino security, and get a better idea of how it works.

The Cutter Gang

The problem with real world casino security is that people are trying to crack it on a basically permanent basis. Ever since casinos were first established, there have been those who would cheat. And, when a person is putting all their energy into finding new ways to cheat, it can be very difficult to stop them. In the old days contraptions sold that helped a person cheat were freely available. This was, of course, before modern casino regulations. But the fact that so much effort went into making these devices, and that so many people bought, should give an idea of just how deep cheating can go.

Of course, in modern times there are very strict regulations about cheating, and items of this sort cannot be sold freely. But cheating has come a long way since then, as demonstrated by a group of people called the Cutter Gang.

The Cutter Gang are a modern group of cheats, so dedicated to getting one over on casinos that they went to some pretty extraordinary lengths. Using a tiny camera hidden up a sleeve, relaying information to an accomplice in the bathroom, the cutter gang was able to steal a great deal of money from casinos. It should be kept in mind that these men used specialised computer software to map out the deck of cards used in a game of blackjack, so it wasn’t exactly a small task. The point is, however, that they got away with it. At least until casinos caught on.

Online Casino Security

Real world casinos may have to deal with the Cutter Gang, but online casinos have to deal with a veritable online army of people looking to steal money. Many would think that it was online casinos that would be at the most risk, given how seemingly common online theft is reported to be. But, it just so happens that online casinos have the upper hand where security is concerned.

Modern online security is uncrackable, as already said, and to this day not a single case of an online casino being cracked has occurred. State of the art SSL encryption technology is always in use, and banking, and all other confidential details are well protected. Online casinos are simply as secure as an online entity can be, so much so that hackers have stopped trying a long time ago. But, theft does still happen in the online casino world, only not in the way many people assume.

Online Security Risks

The major security risks in the online world lie with the users of websites such as online casinos, and not in the casinos themselves. In the modern world where the average person has many online accounts, many passwords to remember, and can often get careless, theft is sure to happen from time to time. Casinos go well out of their way to warn users about the risks of having an account, but with so many unscrupulous people in the online world, unfortunate events are bound to happen. Users are fooled into giving account details to online crooks, and the casino accounts are logged into, and the funds misused, or stolen. Online casinos are careful to provide as much security as possible, but account details falling into the wrong hands are very difficult to detect, despite online casinos best efforts. In other words, the biggest risk to online casino suers is carelessness with account details.

Tips To Stay Safe

The most obvious tip a person can get for staying safe in the online world is to simply keep very close tabs on account details. Giving them to anyone is a major risk, and it should be kept in mind that online casinos will never ask for account details at any time. A user should instead keep their account details to themselves at all times, and only ever use the details when logging in or out of an account. Despite what is commonly believed, account details are far more at risk in the online world than the real world, so writing the details down and keeping them at hand, but safe, is not a terrible idea.

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