Complete Slots Glossary

For most casino fans, when they think of online casinos, their minds immediately jump to slots! The range of online slots on offer is vast – especially when you play at a top online casino like JackpotCity.

If you want to maximise your winning potential and trigger as many slots bonus features as possible, read on for our extensive slots glossary of terms. You’ll be spinning the reels like a pro by the end of the day!

Autoplay: An optional feature that spins a slot’s reels automatically.

Bonus symbol: A symbol that has the exclusive purpose of triggering a bonus round.

Coin size: The basic size of your bet on each spin.

Free spins: Bonuses that allow you chances to win without spending your own cash.

Hit: Hitting a jackpot means winning big in your slot game!

Max bet: The maximum amount of coins you can wager on a single spin. Many online slots require you to play at max bet to trigger certain bonuses and jackpots, including progressive jackpots.

Multipliers: Bonus features that multiply your winnings by a set figure – for example, 2x multipliers.

Paylines: The winning lines in your slot game. Slots can have anywhere from 1 to 100 paylines, and may also have Ways to Win in place of standard paylines.

Payout percentage: All slot games have a payout percentage (or RTP, Return To Player percentage) that tells you how much of the total money spent in the game will be paid out as winnings to players.

Pay table: A chart that tells you which symbol combinations will result in a payout.

Progressive slots: A kind of online slot game that offers a large jackpot that grows every time a player plays it. Progressive slots are usually linked across several sites and games. The jackpots can be hit with certain symbol combinations, but can also be awarded randomly.

RNG: Short for Random Number Generator. This software ensures randomly allocated wins at all times.

Reels: The sections of your slot game that spin, and on which various symbols appear.

Scatter symbols: Scatters typically trigger a free spins round or bonus feature when 3 or more appear in a spin. They may also award cash wins, called ‘Scatter pays’.

Wild symbols: Special slots symbols that can substitute for another symbol on the reels to create a win. Wilds can also trigger bonuses in some cases, as well as awarding jackpots.

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